Ripley's Game the third novel (of five) in Patricia Highsmith's Tom Ripley series, and thus it marks a semingly strange choice for Wim Wenders to jump right into the mythology. (The Talented Mr. Ripley and Purple Noon are both based on the first book.) Then again, Ripley's Game will become a feature film again later this year, starring John Malkovich.

On the other hand, the book stands on its own fairly well, namely because it doesn't have an awful lot to do with Ripley himself. As the story goes: We find Ripley (played by a cowboy hat-toting Dennis Hopper) later in life, working a career in art sales/forgery. He makes the acquaintance of a dying picture framer named Zimmermann (Bruno Ganz - dig the 'stache!), and eventually coerces him (through asssociates) into performing a contract murder for a large sum of money, meant to set up his family after his death.

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