He’s been the quietest of the Directioners since the boyband went on hiatus at the end of last year, but you’d never say that Niall Horan is practically invisible to the public – until now. The singer posted a selfie on the London Underground with NOBODY recognising who he was.

The humble 22 year old elected to get on the Tube to travel around the capital on Friday night (March 25th) rather than use a private car. However, he posted a picture on Snapchat of himself travelling on the Northern Line with four fellow passengers sitting in the background, all totally unaware they were travelling with pop royalty.

Niall was wearing a green barbour jacket and a tweed flat cap in the picture, which was just captioned ‘TUBE!’

1D fans were decidedly baffled at what had happened – how on earth could Niall Horan just get on the Tube without encountering a single incident of fangirling?

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“Lol at everyone on the tube that has no clue niall horan is a couple feet away from them,” one fan tweeted in amusement, but many other fans were cursing their luck and wishing they could be aboard the carriage too. “But how is everyone else on the tube not giving a s*** Niall Horan is there next to them?? I would freak out,” another wrote.

Perhaps it’s just characteristic English reserve, but Horan has been keeping a distinctly low profile since 1D decided to take a break in November 2015. No celebrity dating, no pregnancies, no solo material, nothing.

He has, however, put his fame to good use, recently announcing he’ll be staging a golf tournament in the summer to raise money for charity. He and professional golfer Justin Rose will be helping Cancer Research UK Kids and Teens with the gala dinner and tournament on May 29th and 30th.

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