Zoe Saldana - Zoe Saldana Sees Story First

Zoe Saldana doesn't think she will ever be an acting "machine".

The 'Star Trek' actress has become known for her action-led leading roles in movies such as 'Taken' and 'Avatar', but she hopes she never thinks about films too technically as she just likes to do movies she enjoys.

She said: "I try not to see films in such a technical way because the moment I do, I know it will become like a machine.

"I see each film as a story, so it depends what attracts me to it. I've read scripts where they've wanted to do a bigger part than that one that called out to me. With 'Avatar', I felt I had so much to do with that character, I almost wished she was a little bit more in the background."

Discussing the forthcoming sequel to the James Cameron-directed 'Avatar', she revealed he is keen to "maintain the integrity" of the original story about an alien world invaded by resource-hungry humans.

She said: "I know Jim is still in the process of writing 'Avatar 2'. I know he's going to protect it in order not to fall into that category of the 'curse of the sequels', where you're going after the same formula or chasing that first high.

"He wants to maintain the integrity of the story and allow the characters to dictate what they do next."


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