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Man Of Steel Sequel In The Works

11th June 2013

A 'Man of Steel' sequel is already in the works.Despite the Superman reboot only hitting cinemas this Friday (14.06.13), producers have already begun planning a follow-up film to the caped crime-fighter's adventures.According to, Zack...

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Michael Shannon Felt 'Ridiculous' Shooting Man Of Steel

10th June 2013

Michael Shannon felt ''ridiculous'' shooting 'Man of Steel' in a motion capture suit.The actor stars as Kryptonian General Zod in the upcoming Superman reboot and he admits he initially struggled with the amount of CGI...

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Chris Hemsworth Gave Henry Cavill Superhero Tips

7th June 2013

Henry Cavill sought superhero advice from Chris Hemsworth.The 'Man of Steel' star has revealed he reached out the 'Thor' actor for some words of wisdom before tackling the famous role as the Kryptonian crime-fighter in...

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Henry Cavill Splurged On Aston Martin

6th June 2013

Henry Cavill splashed out on an Aston Martin after receiving his first big pay cheques. The 'Man of Steel' star saved up his movie earnings to buy himself a ''snazzy'' set of wheels, although he...

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Superman Babies Relieved Themselves All Over Russell Crowe

6th June 2013

Director Zack Snyder gave Russell Crowe a real taste of the unpleasantness of fatherhood on the set of new Superman movie Man Of Steel - each of the four babies chosen to play his infant...

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Amy Adams: Man Of Steel Is 'Raw'

5th June 2013

'Man of Steel' is more ''raw'' than previous Superman films, according to Amy Adams.The Oscar-nominated actress - who takes on the iconic role of Lois Lane, the love interest of Superman and his alter-ego Clark...

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Henry Cavil For Man From U.n.c.l.e.?

29th May 2013

Henry Cavill is in talks to star in 'Man From U.N.C.L.E.'The 'Man of Steel' actor is reportedly in negotiations to replace Tom Cruise in Guy Ritchie's big screen adaptation of the TV series after the...

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Michael Shannon 'Bowled Over' By Man Of Steel

28th May 2013

Michael Shannon was ''bowled over'' by 'Man of Steel'.The actor plays villain General Zod in Zack Snyder's upcoming Superman reboot - which also stars Henry Cavill, Amy Adams and Russell Crowe - and is thoroughly...

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A Week In Movies: The Hangover Saga Ends, The Hunger Games Cast Talk Catching Fire And Jennifer Aniston Plays A Stripper

By Staff Writer | 24th May 2013

The big global release this week is The Hangover Part III, and the cast has been jetting around the world for premieres in Los Angeles and London, where fans screamed at actors Bradley Cooper, Zach...

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Henry Cavill Felt 'Incredible' In Superman Cape

1st May 2013

Henry Cavill felt ''incredible'' the first time he dressed as Superman.The 29-year-old actor plays the Marvel superhero in director Zack Snyder's reboot 'Man of Steel' and he remembers the anticipation on set when he first...

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Amy Adams: Lois Lane Was Dream Role

28th April 2013

Amy Adams says playing Lois Lane means she has finally won her dream role.The 38-year-old actress jumped at the chance to play Superman's love interest in Zack Snyder's 'Man Of Steel' after having previously read...

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Zack Snyder Wants Relatable Superman

26th April 2013

Zack Snyder wants to create a Superman who audiences can relate to in 'Man of Steel.' The director is aiming to make the superhero more like a regular human - even though he is an...

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Eva Green Has 'Balls' In 300 Sequel

19th April 2013

Eva Green has ''balls'' in '300: Rise of an Empire'.The 'Casino Royale' beauty plays feisty warrior Artemisia in the follow-up to 2007's hit movie '300', and has described her character - who helps lead Persian...

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Christopher Nolan Won't Produce Justice League

12th April 2013

Christopher Nolan won't produce 'Justice League'.Warner Bros. president Jeff Robinov has denied that the 'Dark Knight' trilogy director will oversee the studio's proposed superhero team-up movie and has also denied that Batman actor Christian Bale...

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Dark Knight Writer's Block Inspired Man Of Steel

26th March 2013

David S. Goyer conceived 'Man of Steel' while he had writer's block scripting 'The Dark Knight Rises'.The screenwriter has revealed he came up with the plot for the hotly anticipated superhero film during a difficult...

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Man Of Steel Will Be A Story About 'Hope'

18th March 2013

'Man Of Steel' will be about ''hope''.The upcoming superhero film - which stars Henry Cavill and is being produced by Batman director Christopher Nolan - is set to have a far more optimistic message than...

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Henry Cavill 'Loved' Superman Costume

13th March 2013

Henry Cavill ''loved'' wearing the Superman costume in 'Man of Steel'.The actor is set to play the iconic role of Clark Kent and his Kryptonian alter-ego in the upcoming Zack Snyder-directed reboot of the classic...

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Christopher Nolan To Produce Justice League?

4th March 2013

Christopher Nolan will reportedly produce a Justice League movie.The 'Dark Knight Rises' director is in talks with Warner Bros. to oversee its DC Comics-based movies including the proposed superhero team-up movie, which would see Batman,...

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Bryan Singer 'Excited' For Man Of Steel

21st February 2013

Bryan Singer is excited to see 'Man of Steel'.The 'Jack the Giant Slayer' director - who helmed 2006's 'Superman Returns' starring Brandon Routh in the lead role as Superman and his alter-ego Clark Kent -...

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Jimmy Olsen To Become Woman In 'Man Of Steel'?

22nd January 2013

'Superman' character Jimmy Olsen could become a female in the new 'Man of Steel' film.The Zack Snyder-directed superhero film's IMDB page lists actress Rebecca Buller in the role of Jenny Olsen, leading to speculation that...

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Russell Crowe: Man Of Steel Is 'Complex'

17th January 2013

Russell Crowe thinks 'Man of Steel' is ''complex''.The 48-year-old actor is set to play Superman's biological father Jor-El in Zack Snyder's comic book movie and he believes the filmmaker had a huge responsibility to get...

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Zack Snyder Responds To Star Wars Speculation

15th January 2013

Zack Snyder has denied he is in ''any way'' involved with the new 'Star Wars' movies. The 'Man Of Steel' filmmaker was suspected to be helming the new Walt Disney chapter of George Lucas' iconic...

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Zack Snyder Star Wars Rumors Denied By Director

By Contributor | 15th January 2013

The Star Wars rumor mill churns on, and this time it’s Zack Snyder who has had to come out and deny that he’s having anything to do with the Disney re-boot of the George Lucas-created...

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Zack Snyder Denies Involvement With Star Wars

15th January 2013

Zack Snyder has confirmed he is not involved with the new 'Star Wars' films.The 'Man of Steel' filmmaker was previously rumoured to be directing 'Star Wars Episode 7' after Walt Disney bought the franchise from...

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Zack Snyder Will Not Direct New Star Wars Movie

15th January 2013

Zack Snyder's publicist has denied rumours the director is to take charge of Disney's reboot of the Star Wars franchise.Star Wars creator George Lucas sold his production company LucasFilm to bosses at the family film...

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Superman Star Henry Cavill Has New Girlfriend

11th January 2013

Henry Cavill is dating Gina Carano.The 'Man of Steel' star and the 'Haywire' actress stepped out arm-in-arm at the 18th Annual Critics' Choice Movie Awards in California on Thursday evening (10.01.13), where Gina was nominated...

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Christopher Nolan To Direct And Produce Interstellar?

10th January 2013

Christopher Nolan is reportedly set to direct and produce 'Interstellar'.The 'Dark Knight Rises' director is in talks to helm the new sci-fi movie which follows a group of explorers who find themselves time-travelling through alternate...

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Christopher Nolan: Making Superman Is Tougher Than Batman

28th December 2012

Christopher Nolan has revealed making a Superman movie is harder than bringing Batman to life on the big screen. The director - who helmed the 'Dark Knight' trilogy starring Christian Bale - serves as a...

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Christopher Nolan: 'Superman Is More Challenging Than Dark Knight'

28th December 2012

Christopher Nolan has heaped praise on fellow director Zack Snyder after he wrapped shooting on Man Of Steel, calling the filmmaker's Superman blockbuster far more challenging than his own Batman franchise.Nolan, who concluded his Batman...

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The Ten Most Anticipated Films Of 2013

By Staff Writer | 24th December 2012

As always, we'll need to sift through a vast number of sequels and remakes to find something original next year. But here are a few things worth looking forward to. Of course, release dates are...

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