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Ono Eyeing Grant For Lennon Educational Bus

31st August 2010

YOKO ONO is urging JOHN LENNON fans to celebrate the late BEATLES star's 70th birthday by voting for his Educational Tour Bus to win a $250,000 (£156,250) charity grant.The mobile recording and multimedia studio enables...

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Ono Planning Lennon Tribute Gig

27th August 2010

YOKO ONO is planning a special tribute gig in Iceland to mark what would have been JOHN LENNON's 70th birthday in October (10).The Beatles legend, who was shot and killed in New York City in...

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Ono Lashes Out At Lennon Press Conference

14th August 2010

JOHN LENNON's widow YOKO ONO launched into a vicious rant during a press conference after a reporter asked why she's still living in the apartment block where the BEATLES legend was murdered.The singer/artist held a...

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Ono Fears Lennon's Killer Will Come After Her If Released

8th August 2010

JOHN LENNON's widow YOKO ONO wants her late husband's killer to remain behind bars because she fears he could come after her and the star's children if he is released.The Beatles legend was shot dead...

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The Things They Say 17587

7th August 2010

"I always knew John Lennon had a very gentle side, otherwise I couldn't live with him. He was always very nice to me. But when Sean was born, he was a totally different person, not...

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Ono: 'Don't Hold Your Breath For Beatles Digital Deal'

6th August 2010

JOHN LENNON's widow YOKO ONO has warned BEATLES fans not to expect any of the rockers' music to go online anytime soon - because they are still "holding out" over the terms of the deal.The...

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John Lennon's Time Capsule Ceremony

30th July 2010

John Lennon's 70th birthday will be marked with a time-capsule ceremony.Fans of the music legend are being asked to submit birthday wishes, musical performances and personal thoughts on the late star's legacy, which will join...

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Ono Still Opposes Parole For Lennon's Killer

27th July 2010

JOHN LENNON's widow YOKO ONO is continuing her staunch opposition to his killer's release - she has submitted her sixth letter to U.S. court officials in a bid to deny MARK CHAPMAN parole.The Beatles legend...

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Ringo Starr Turns 70 With Peace And Love

8th July 2010

Ringo Starr celebrated his 70th birthday yesterday (07.07.10) with a party in New York's Times Square.The former Beatle stepped outside the Hard Rock Cafe at midday with his friends and family, including wife Barbara Bach,...

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Ono: 'Lennon's Songs Are Still Relevant'

30th June 2010

YOKO ONO is hopeful the remastering of JOHN LENNON's albums will introduce the late star to a new audience - because his lyrics are still as "relevant" as they were during his lifetime.Eight of the...

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Paul Mccartney Laughs At Beatles Facts

24th June 2010

Sir Paul McCartney says many films about The Beatles are "not true".The legendary musician - who was joined in the band by Ringo Starr, and the late John Lennon and George Harrison - insists many...

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Ono Upset About Oasis Split

4th June 2010

YOKO ONO is mourning the OASIS split - because she feels the world needs the group's "power of goodness".John Lennon's widow was a huge fan of the band, fronted by Beatles-inspired siblings Noel and Liam...

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Yoko Ono - An Oasis Fan?

3rd June 2010

Yoko Ono wants Oasis to reform.John Lennon's widower has spoken out on her weekly online question and answer session that she enjoyed the group from Manchester's music and believes the industry "needs" them.She said: "I...

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Russell Brand Not Oasis' 'Yoko Ono'

27th April 2010

Russell Brand doesn't want to be the "Yoko Ono" of Oasis.The group's former frontman Liam Gallagher branded the comedian a bad influence on brother Noel in the wake of the band's split last year, but...

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Adam Yauch Meditating Against Cancer

21st April 2010

Beastie Boys rapper Adam Yauch wants fans to meditate with him to help beat cancer. The 'Intergalactic' hitmakers were forced to put their latest album 'Hot Sauce Committee' on hold when Adam - also known...

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Ono Rules Out Lennon 'Duet'

21st April 2010

JOHN LENNON's widow YOKO ONO has ruled out using modern technology to perform a beyond-the-grave "duet" with the late BEATLES legend.Janet Jackson wowed the audience at the MTV Video Music Awards last September (09) by...

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Ono Is Autism Ambassador

2nd April 2010

JOHN LENNON's widow YOKO ONO has been named the first Global Autism Ambassador of the charity Autism Speaks.The artist and singer first teamed up with the foundation to create Promises, a seven-foot (two metre) mural...

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Fascinating Fact 8859

21st February 2010

Indie rock couple THURSTON MOORE and KIM GORDON, of SONIC YOUTH, have formed a new trio with YOKO ONO.

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Ono, Clapton And Midler Join Forces For One-off Show

17th February 2010

YOKO ONO was joined by a star-studded line-up including ERIC CLAPTON, BETTE MIDLER and the SCISSOR SISTERS on Tuesday night (16Feb10) to perform the first PLASTIC ONO BAND show in 40 years.Clapton joined bassist Klaus...

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Ono To Close Lennon Museum

4th February 2010

JOHN LENNON's widow YOKO ONO is to close the museum she dedicated to her late husband in her native Japan.Ono opened the John Lennon Museum on the outskirts of Tokyo in 2000 to mark what...

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Lennon Was 'Ashamed Of Racist Britain'

4th February 2010

JOHN LENNON felt "ashamed" of his native U.K. after wife YOKO ONO endured racist taunts from his fellow Brits, according to a newly discovered essay by the late BEATLE.The couple met in London and wed...

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Clapton & Simon Join Ono Band For One-off Show

12th January 2010

ERIC CLAPTON and PAUL SIMON will join YOKO ONO for the first PLASTIC ONO BAND show in 40 years.The trio will be joined by Sonic Youth stars Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon, Bette Midler, Ono's...

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Yoko Ono To Pen Memoirs

5th January 2010

Yoko Ono is to release a book about her life with John Lennon.The 76-year-old widow of the late former Beatle has revealed she will put pen to paper over the next few years and write...

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Ono Eyeing Autobiography

5th January 2010

JOHN LENNON's widow YOKO ONO is set to end her silence on her time with THE BEATLES star - she's preparing to write her autobiography.The couple wed in 1969 and lived together as man and...

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Taylor Wood Relieved Ono Liked Lennon Film

21st December 2009

Director SAM TAYLOR WOOD is relieved JOHN LENNON's wife YOKO ONO liked her new film about the late BEATLE - because the moviemaker was terrified of her reaction.The former artist wanted to use Lennon's song...

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The Things They Say 14201

16th November 2009

"If BRITNEY SPEARS is walking there (beside me), I think they (fans) would rather go for her than me." JOHN LENNON's widow YOKO ONO ranks her celebrity.

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Gaga Delighted At Ono's Imagine Praise

27th October 2009

Pop star LADY GAGA was overjoyed when she received a call from JOHN LENNON's widow YOKO ONO earlier this month (Oct09), praising her for a rendition of the late singer's classic IMAGINE.The Poker Face hitmaker,...

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The Things They Say 13803

20th October 2009

"I love wearing high heels, I love wearing silk stockings and I love wearing hot pants. In those three I feel like a Thirties tough girl." YOKO ONO likes to dress up, even at the...

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Lady Gaga Makes Yoko Ono 'Choke Up'

15th October 2009

Yoko Ono "choked up" when she heard Lady Gaga covering John Lennon's 'Imagine'.The eccentric pop singer had played a cover of the late songwriter's peace song at a Human Rights Campaign dinner in Washington DC,...

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U2 Want Rock Band Game

9th October 2009

U2 want to release a 'Rock Band' video game like their idols The Beatles.Bass player Adam Clayton has revealed he and his bandmates - singer Bono, guitarist The Edge and drummer Larry Mullen, Jr. -...

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