Rapper YO GOTTI is fighting allegations of drug possession after his tour bus was stopped and searched by border authorities in Texas last week (04Feb10).
The hip-hop star, real name Mario Mims, and members of his entourage were arrested by Texas Border Patrol officers on Thursday (04Feb10) when sniffer dogs identified "narcotics" on board the vehicle.
In video footage of the incident, which has been posted online, an officer can be seen telling the group, "Our canines alerted (us to) the presence of narcotics or concealed humans. I know there's not concealed humans in there, so either someone has marijuana, cocaine or any type of illegal narcotic... even residue... (You'd) better let us know right now, it'll make it easier for yourselves..."
Further details of Gotti's arrest were unavailable as WENN went to press.
It wasn't the star's first run-in with authorities - the rapper found himself in handcuffs last June (10) after traffic police in Richmond, Virginia caught him with out-of-state licence tags, reports Vibe.com.