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Janssen's Character Returns From The Dead For X-men 3

6th April 2005

Dutch actress FAMKE JANSSEN has signed up to reprise her X-MEN role in the movie franchise's third installment - despite her character's death in the previous film. Janssen's psychic character JEAN GREY perished at...

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Mckellen Fears X-men Snub

5th April 2005

SIR IAN McKELLEN fears he won't be asked to resume his role as MAGNETO in the spin-off X-MEN movie about the comic book character - because he's too old. McKellen played the evil scientist...

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Berry Keen To Return As Storm

29th March 2005

HALLE BERRY will return to the X-MEN franchise for a third movie if her role as STORM is more prominent than it was in the first sequel. Speaking to fans on her website, the...

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Famke To Go Bad In X-men 3

28th March 2005

FAMKE JANSSEN is set to double up in the next X-MEN movie - as villain DARK PHOENIX. The Dutch actress' new character will be the alter-ego of her heroic doctor JEAN GREY, who, in...

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Vaughn To Helm X-men 3

23rd March 2005

British director MATTHEW VAUGHN has signed up to helm the third installment in the X-MEN franchise. Many of the castmembers from the first two films - HALLE BERRY, IAN McKELLEN and PATRICK STEWART -...

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Paquin's Action Figure Woes

21st March 2005

OSCAR-winning actress ANNA PAQUIN had a tough experience overseeing the production of her X-MEN action figure - because she found it far too "ugly". The Canadian-born screen star, who grew up in New Zealand,...

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Jackman Enjoys Being A House Husband

18th March 2005

X-MEN hunk HUGH JACKMAN is relishing taking a break from Hollywood to look after his son OSCAR in the Australian outback, while his wife DEBORRA-LEE FURNESS pursues her acting career. Furness is currently working...

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Superman Goes Down Under To Keep Singer's Pals Away

8th March 2005

X-MEN director BRYAN SINGER chose to make the latest SUPERMAN movie in Australia so his friends couldn't disrupt the filming by constantly dropping by. The movie maker admits many of his Los Angeles pals...

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Romijn Lands First Tv Role

3rd March 2005

Newly-divorced actress REBECCA ROMIJN is set to star in her first ever TV series as a news reporter. The X-MEN beauty will play the title character in PEPPER DENNIS, about a news reporter whose...

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Lee To Conjure Up New Hero

2nd March 2005

Legendary comic book creator STAN LEE is working with producer ROBERT EVANS and HELLBOY writer PETER BRIGGS to create a new movie superhero - FOREVERMAN. The film script focuses on a new breed of...

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Jackson Shrugs Off Stewart's Ignorance

23rd February 2005

JOSHUA JACKSON has dismissed fears his relationship with theatre co-star PATRICK STEWART has turned soured after the Brit confessed he'd never heard of the young actor. Jackson and Stewart have teamed up on the...

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Janssen And Day-lewis To Play Superman's Mum + Dad?

10th February 2005

FAMKE JANSSEN and DANIEL DAY-LEWIS are in negotiations to play SUPERMAN's space-age mum and dad, LARA and JOR-EL, in BRYAN SINGER's SUPERMAN RETURNS. KEVIN SPACEY has already signed on to play the comic book...

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Janssen Enjoys Unconditional Love With Pet Dog

6th February 2005

Dutch beauty FAMKE JANSSEN doesn't feel the need to have children, because she shares unconditional love with her pet dog. The X-MEN actress is obsessed with her Boston terrier named LICORICE, who she allows...

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Saint A Favourite For Superman's Mum

4th February 2005

NORTH BY NORTHWEST star EVA MARIE SAINT is in talks to play CLARK KENT's mother in X-MEN director BRYAN SINGER's upcoming SUPERMAN movie. Newcomer BRANDON ROUTH will play the Man of Steel and...

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Cumming Bitter About Singer

1st February 2005

Actor ALAN CUMMING is relieved BRYAN SINGER isn't on board to direct the second sequel in the X-MEN series - because he hated working with him on X2. The Scottish star played KURT WAGNER/NIGHTCRAWLER...

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Janssen Finds Dating A 'Struggle'

28th January 2005

X-MEN 2 actress FAMKE JANSSEN blames her movie career for stifling her love life - because she is always away on location. Dating is a "constant struggle" for the 39-year-old Dutch beauty as it...

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Stewart Looks Forward To Old Age

27th January 2005

STAR TREK actor PATRICK STEWART is looking forward to reaching his 65th birthday this year (05) - because he will get a free bus pass from the British government. The veteran actor will reach...

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Cumming's Odd New Fragrance

14th January 2005

Scottish movie star ALAN CUMMING has been given the ultimate honour by his favourite scent maker - his very own cologne. The gay actor's namesake scent, CUMMING, has been dreamed up by CHRISTOPHER BROSIUS...

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Godfather Ii Is Top Sequel

8th November 2004

Gangster sequel GODFATHER: PART II has been named the top movie sequel in history, in a new poll. Users of website MOVIES.COM voted the 1974 FRANCIS FORD COPPOLA crime classic the number one follow-up...

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Superman Finally Found

19th October 2004

Director BRYAN SINGER has finally ended his quest to find an aspiring star capable of transporting SUPERMAN into the 21st century - he's settled on little known actor BRANDON ROUTH. X-MEN film-maker Singer signed...

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Janssen Supports Gay Marriage

12th October 2004

Dutch X-MEN beauty FAMKE JANSSEN is disgusted by American President GEORGE W BUSH's anti-gay marriage stance and believes all couples should have the right to wed. Janssen plays a lesbian in her upcoming film...

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Janssen Praises Preston's Kissing Skills

12th October 2004

JOHN TRAVOLTA better watch out after Dutch actress FAMKE JANSSEN declared she and his wife KELLY PRESTON make "a great-looking couple". The X-MEN beauty is upset her character JUDY kiss with Preston's LUCY has...

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Cumming Back To His Roots

6th September 2004

ALAN CUMMING has been persuaded to forsake the bright lights of Hollywood while he teams up with his old friend SIOBHAN REDMOND for a British children's TV show. The X-MEN 2 star will provide...

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Jackman Rubbishes Kabbalah Rumours

3rd September 2004

LATEST: Australian movie star HUGH JACKMAN has laughed off rumours he is following the Kabbalah and will be joining MADONNA on a pilgrimage to Israel this month (SEP04). American gossip site THE SCOOP reported...

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Stamos Files For Divorce From Romijn-stamos

22nd August 2004

FULL HOUSE heart-throb JOHN STAMOS has filed for divorce from his stunning wife REBECCA ROMIJN-STAMOS. The couple announced their "amicable" split in April (04) after five years of marriage (begsSEP98). Stamos, 41, filed...

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Berry Out Of X-men 3

12th August 2004

CATWOMAN star HALLE BERRY will not be reprising her role in the second X-MEN sequel - because she's reportedly "priced herself out". The sexy 37-year-old - who plays STORM in the hit sci-fi franchise...

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Caviezel For Superman?

11th August 2004

THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST star JIM CAVIEZEL is the latest actor tipped to play SUPERMAN in the long awaited next instalment of the superhero franchise. The troubled WARNER BROS project has switched many...

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Janssen's Dog's Flatulence Problem

30th July 2004

Sexy actress FAMKE JANSSEN is finding her pet dog LICORICE increasingly embarrassing to take out in public - because he suffers from terrible flatulence. The X-MEN beauty admits her four-legged friend's extravagant diet may...

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Cumming Wants To Be A Lobbyist

30th July 2004

Actor ALAN CUMMING is determined to lobby during the forthcoming American Presidential election (04) - even though he is from Scotland. The X-MEN 2 star is furious with US President GEORGE W BUSH's attempts...

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Jackman Recording Jazz Album

27th July 2004

Australian actor HUGH JACKMAN is planning to branch out into the music world by recording a jazz-based album. The X-MEN hunk - who recently won a TONY AWARD for his performance as PETER ALLEN...

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