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Halle: 'X-men Made Me Sick'

6th March 2006

Movie star HALLE BERRY was violently sick on the set of forthcoming movie X-MEN: THE FINAL STAND, after a string of stunts left her reeling. Berry, 39, was working through a tough series of flying...

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Romijn Brings Mystique To New Role

24th February 2006

Actress REBECCA ROMIJN will pay tribute to her character MYSTIQUE in X-MEN in her new TV sitcom, PEPPER DENNIS, when her character is sprayed by an exploding blue dye pack. The blonde beauty is...

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Grammer Uses Shakespeare For X-men

24th February 2006

FRASIER star KELSEY GRAMMER is taking his role in comic book blockbuster X-MEN 3 deadly seriously - he's using WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE as inspiration. The actor is taking a giant leap from his most famous...

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Jones Set For Rush Hour 3

23rd January 2006

British tough guy VINNIE JONES is to team up with action film director BRETT RATNER on RUSH HOUR 3. The former soccer hardman was set for a central role in X-MEN 3 when Ratner...

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Fascinating Fact 845

16th January 2006

Former FRASIER star KELSEY GRAMMER will be getting blue this summer (06) when he plays DR HANK McCOY/THE BEAST in the latest X-MEN action movie. McCoy's monstrous alter-ego is an all-blue demon....

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Versace Praises Berry's Work Ethic

5th January 2006

Fashion designer DONATELLA VERSACE has hailed HALLE BERRY's strong work ethic, after the stunning actress went straight from the X-MEN 3 film set to pose for Versace's latest ad campaign. The Oscar-winning beauty follows...

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Fascinating Fact 675

16th December 2005

LOST co-creator DAMON LINDELOF has returned to his roots as a cartoonist to write a six-part Marvel comic which brings THE HULK and X-MEN character WOLVERINE together....

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Berry Wants To Be The Only One Wearing Storm's Wig

6th December 2005

HALLE BERRY only agreed to sign up for the third installment in the successful X-MEN franchise when she realised she couldn't bear the idea of another actress wearing her character STORM's blonde wig. The...

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Reality Tv Star Lands X-men 3 Role?

19th November 2005

US reality TV model MERCEDES SCELBA-SHORTE has landed a dream role in director BRETT RATNER's X-MEN 3 movie. The AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL contestant is in negotiations to play the role of M in...

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Stewart To Be Scrooge

15th November 2005

Former STAR TREK star PATRICK STEWART has signed up to play SCROOGE in a one-man production of CHARLES DICKENS' A CHRISTMAS CAROL in London. Stewart will play EBENEZER SCROOGE, BOB CRATCHIT and TINY TIM...

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Jackman And Bale To Play Feuding Magicians

3rd October 2005

Comic book movie stars HUGH JACKMAN and CHRISTIAN BALE are set to play feuding magicians in a new movie. The actors, who play X-MEN's WOLVERINE and BATMAN on the big screen, will play rival...

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Romijn Loses Weight For Secret Wedding

12th September 2005

Model-turned-actress REBECCA ROMIJN is heading back up the aisle - she's planning a secret New Year's Eve wedding to actor JERRY O'CONNELL. The X-MEN star started dating the KANGAROO JACK actor shortly after she...

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Ritchie Angered By Jones' Revolver Snub

4th September 2005

Movie-maker GUY RITCHIE is locked in a secret rift with former pal VINNIE JONES, after the actor snubbed a role in his forthcoming gangster movie REVOLVER. Jones shot to fame in Ritchie's hit 1998...

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Cumming Ties Up Boreanaz For New Movie

31st August 2005

Scottish actor ALAN CUMMING is thrilled at the prospect of tying up sexy ANGEL star DAVID BOREANAZ in new dark comedy SUFFERING MAN'S CHARITY. The X-MEN 2 star will direct and star in the...

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Fascinating Fact 102

30th August 2005

Iranian Oscar nominee SHOHREH AGHDASHLOO has signed on to star in BRETT RATNER's upcoming X-MEN 3 movie. The HOUSE OF SAND + FOG star will play mutant DR CECILIA REYES, who has the power to...

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Ben Foster Joins X3

20th July 2005

Actor BEN FOSTER has been added to the cast of the anticipated third instalment in the X-MEN franchise. Foster, ex-boyfriend of KIRSTEN DUNST, will play the mutant ARCHANGEL in X3, which also features newcomers...

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Singer: 'Superman Returns Is A Love Story'

18th July 2005

Movie-maker BRYAN SINGER has hailed his latest project SUPERMAN RETURNS as a love story. Singer, who directed the first two installments in the X-MEN franchise, is currently in Australia where newcomer BRANDON ROUTH has...

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Chan Slams Demanding Tucker For Delaying Rush Hour

11th July 2005

LATEST: Martial arts superstar JACKIE CHAN has accused his RUSH HOUR co-star CHRIS TUCKER of delaying the third sequel of the hit movie by demanding too much power over the project. Tucker pulled out...

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O'connell Steps In To Train Out-of-shape Romijn For X-men 3

9th July 2005

KANGAROO JACK star JERRY O'CONNELL has stepped in to train his girlfriend REBECCA ROMIJN for the third X-MEN movie when it starts shooting next month (AUG05). The actor has picked up enough tips from...

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T3 Star Stahl Lands X-men Role

9th July 2005

TERMINATOR 3 star NICK STAHL is set to join the cast of another movie franchise, the X-MEN. The actor, who also appeared in SIN CITY, has reportedly signed up to play ANGEL in X-MEN...

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Chan Still On Course For Rush Hour 3

8th July 2005

LATEST: Martial arts superstar JACKIE CHAN is refusing to give up on a third RUSH HOUR movie even if his sidekick, CHRIS TUCKER, isn't interested. Tucker pulled out of Rush Hour 3 last month...

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Williams Sister Compete For X-men Role

7th July 2005

Tennis stars VENUS and SERENA WILLIAMS are competing against each other again - this time for a part in forthcoming movie X-MEN 3. The sexy twins are both desperate to branch out into the...

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Ratner Spices Up X-men

1st July 2005

BRETT RATNER is spicing up the new X-MEN movie with the addition of his very own fantasy - a sex siren mutant who seduces her opponents rather than battles them. Ratner takes over from...

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Twentieth Century Fox Sues Sony Pictures Over X-men

22nd June 2005

Hollywood studio TWENTIETH CENTURY FOX and comic book company MARVEL ENTERPRISES filed a lawsuit on Monday (20JUN05) against SONY PICTURES and REVOLUTION STUDIOS to delay the release of ZOOM'S ACADEMY - a movie they believe...

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O'connell Has Golfing Ambitions For Romijn

16th June 2005

Actor JERRY O'CONNELL has realised there's one factor blocking him form having the perfect romance with girlfriend REBECCA ROMIJN - she can't play golf. The KANGAROO JACK star, who has been dating the stunning...

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Ratner Takes On The X-men?

3rd June 2005

Movie maker BRETT RATNER has reportedly stepped in to replace MATTHEW VAUGHN on the set of the second X-MEN sequel after his own sequel, RUSH HOUR 3 was scrapped. Ratner is being tipped as...

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Vaughn Quits X-men 3

1st June 2005

British director MATTHEW VAUGHN has quit the third X-MEN movie because of "personal" problems. The LAYER CAKE film-maker, who is married to supermodel CLAUDIA SCHIFFER, has urgently flown back from Hollywood to his home...

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Grammer To Play Blue Beast In X-men 3

18th May 2005

Fans of KELSEY GRAMMER are set to find him tough to recognise in his next project - he's playing a furry blue monster in the second X-MEN sequel. In X-MEN 3, the former FRASIER...

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Stewart To Join Extras Cast

26th April 2005

PATRICK STEWART has joined the all-star cast for RICKY GERVAIS' new British TV comedy EXTRAS - even though the GOLDEN GLOBE-winning funnyman pokes fun at his varied acting career. THE OFFICE creator and his...

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Superman Stays The Same

25th April 2005

BRYAN SINGER has snubbed the temptation to alter SUPERMAN's costume, choosing instead to stick religiously to the look made famous by CHRISTOPHER REEVE and the original comic books. Pictures of new Superman actor BRANDON...

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