The former WWE star saved his mom from a terrifying ordeal at her Los Angeles home, uprooting a tree and using it as a battering ram to rescue her from her burning house. Sounds like something out of a Hollywood movie, right? According to TMZ, the former WWE wresting star, whose real name isn’t Chis Masters at all (or The Masterpiece for that matter), but Chris Mordetzky, received a call from an uncle, to say that his mother’s neighbour had “gone crazy and barricaded himself inside her house.” It’s unclear why, at this stage.

When The Masterpiece arrived at his mother’s home, the neighbour was reportedly shouting through the front door, from inside, that he would burn the house down, if anybody tried to gain entry. The cops were called, after Chris was unable to talk any sense into him. However, when they showed up, the crazy neighbour stayed true to his word and set the house on fire. Chris launched into hero mode and uprooted a tree, using it to smash a window, before reaching in and liberating his mom from the burning property. The cops then rushed in and arrested the neighbour on charges of arson. He’s still in custody.

The 30 year-old former wrestler made his WWE debut in 2005 and built himself a reputation for having an unbreakable version of the ‘full nelson’ hold, which he dubbed The Master Lock. His last WWE appearance was in 2011, though he returned to the independent wrestling circuit more recently. 

Chris Masters
Chris Masters - the former wrestler saved his mom from a crazy neighbor