Former wrestling star Tammy Sytch is facing multiple domestic violence charges after she was arrested three times in as many days.
The 39 year old was busted by police in Connecticut on Tuesday (11Sep12) for disorderly conduct after cops were called to investigate an altercation between Sytch and an unnamed male in the town of Branford.
She was released on $500 (£313) bail but arrested again on Wednesday (12Sep12) on suspicion of the same charge after another run in with the same guy. She was also accused of strangulation and violating a restraining order, and was released on Thursday (13Sep12) after posting a $25,000 (£15,625) bond.
Her freedom was short lived - she was taken into custody for the third time hours later and placed behind bars for violating the existing restraining order by confronting the same man.
Sytch was released on $2,500 (£1,563) bail on Friday (14Sep12), according to