Woody Harrelson - Woody Harrelson Hopes Kids Don't Follow His Example


Woody Harrelson believes he is a great example to his kids of what not to do.

The 'Hunger Games' star has three daughters Deni Montana, 19, Zoe Giordano, 16 and Makani Ravello, five with wife Laura Louie and says he doesn't give them advice because he doesn't have all the answers.

He said: ''I think I've been an incredible example to my kids of what not to do. And I try not to preach about diet any more either. I used to do that because I see so many people eating s**t. Now I just let people see my energy and how strong I stay.''

Woody stars as alcoholic former winner Haymitch in 'The Hunger Games' about teenagers forced to fight to the death on TV for entertainment and admitted his training regime included ''going on an alcohol bender''.

He said: ''I'd like to say I did some vigorous training but I didn't. However, I did go on an alcohol bender - that helped. Drink bad, eat good! I eat only raw food when I'm working because I need my energy so there are some areas where I wasn't being true to my character because Haymitch would eat anything.''

Woody turned 50 last year and is slowly coming to terms with reaching the milestone which he thinks means he is now old.

He explained to Metro newspaper: ''I want to say turning 50 is just a number but let's face it, I can no longer make the contention that I'm getting old. I can just say that I'm old. On the other hand, I feel great and until, I start to fall apart, I probably won't be too worried.''


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