An Illinois woman has been charged with murdering Chicago rocker MICHAEL DAHLQUIST (corr) after she allegedly drove into his vehicle deliberately, causing a high-speed crash.

JEANNETTE SLIWINSKI has been charged with first-degree murder and is being held under guard at a hospital after she was denied bail on Friday (15JUL05).

SILKWORM drummer Dahlquist was one of three people killed in the crash.

Sliwinski has reportedly told investigators she had been in a fight with her mother before the crash and wanted to take her own life.

Police claim she was driving at speeds of over 70 miles-per-hour (113 kilometres-per-hour) and had driven through three red lights when her car rammed Dahlquist's vehicle on Thursday (14JUL05).

Prosecutors are reportedly considering seeking the death penalty for Sliwinski.

18/07/2005 09:29