Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania officials have named 12/12/12 WIZ KHALIFA Day to honour the hometown rapper.

The Black and Yellow hitmaker, who was born in South Dakota, moved to the East Coast when he was a young kid and he has always bragged about his connection to the city, penning the popular song about the jersey colour of its American football team the Pittsburgh Steelers.

And on Tuesday morning (11Dec12), the rap star, who is in town for a concert on Wednesday (12Dec12), was honoured by councilman Bill Peduto during a special ceremony at the City County Building, where he was also made an ambassador.

Surrounded by his family and pregnant fiancee Amber Rose, the 25 year old, real name Cameron Thomaz, told local publication Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, "It means a lot to me, being a kid from Pittsburgh and riding the buses and going to school out here and just loving Pittsburgh so much.

"Even when I moved here when I was younger, I told people I was from Pittsburgh, and that was it. So, to come so far, and represent, and have everybody be proud of me - I don't even feel like I'm doing that great. I can do better and better.

"I just feel like when I change people's lives with my music, that's the start. But when I start doing it with other things, then that's when it'll get bigger and better, so this is just the beginning."