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Posey Tells Of 'Troubled' Ex Adams

3rd November 2006

Actress PARKER POSEY has blamed RYAN ADAMS' "personal demons" on the breakdown of their relationship. The SUPERMAN RETURNS star split from the singer/songwriter last year (05). Ryan has also dated WINONA RYDER, ALANIS MORISSETTE and...

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Pearce Considers A Return To La Confidential Story

2nd November 2006

Australian actor GUY PEARCE is set to reprise his ED EXLEY character in the LA CONFIDENTIAL sequel, WHITE JAZZ. The Melbourne-bred actor won critical acclaim for his role as the thorough detective in the 1997...

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Waters Hails 'Psychopath' Ryder

14th October 2006

WINONA RYDER's "psychopathic tendencies" helped the actress land a starring role in director DANIEL WATERS' forthcoming movie. Waters, who worked with the actress on the film HEATHERS, says Ryder was the perfect choice to play...

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Ryder's Movie Shame

18th September 2006

Hollywood actress WINONA RYDER is so embarrassed by some of her early work, she goes into video rental shops to hide the movies. The GIRL, INTERRUPTED star regrets some of the films she made at...

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Slater And Ryder Reunite For Heathers Sequel

24th August 2006

CHRISTIAN SLATER and WINONA RYDER are re-teaming for a sequel to cult film HEATHERS. Ryder has signed on for the project, as well as Slater, despite the fact he dies in the first film. Slater...

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Ryder's Revenge On School Bully

18th August 2006

Hollywood beauty WINONA RYDER was left speechless when she was asked for an autograph by a girl who beat her up at school. The GIRL, INTERRUPTED actress was amazed the woman had forgotten her actions,...

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Ryder Lusts After Co-star Reeves

15th August 2006

WINONA RYDER would love to get intimate with her A SCANNER DARKLY co-star KEANU REEVES, and constantly tells him about her crush. The 34-year-old found it easy to play Reeve's love interest in the animated...

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Bedingfield Too 'Boring' For America

13th August 2006

British chart star NATASHA BEDINGFIELD has been told to start being a "bad girl" if she wants to make it in America. The Christian THESE WORDS hitmaker has moved to Los Angeles in a bid...

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Ryder's 'Alcoholism' Following Depp Split

11th August 2006

Hollywood actress WINONA RYDER "attempted" to become an alcoholic recluse after the break-up of her romance with JOHNNY DEPP. The GIRL, INTERRUPTED star, 34, dated Depp for four years, calling it a "fiercely deep love"....

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Ryder Begs Suitors To Call Her

8th August 2006

WINONA RYDER wishes she could date the men she's continuously linked with, because in reality she's lonely and looking for love. The actress has avoided the glare of the media since her shoplifting trial 2002....

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Ryder's Acting 'Shame'

7th August 2006

WINONA RYDER spent years feeling "ashamed" of her acting career, because she thought it was a "shallow occupation". The MERMAIDS star, 34, started acting in her teens and hated the reaction to her job from...

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Lavigne Models Herself On Jolie And Ryder

23rd June 2006

AVRIL LAVIGNE is desperate to forge a serious movie career and follow in the footsteps of her idols ANGELINA JOLIE and WINONA RYDER. A cameo voicing an animal in animated movie OVER THE HEDGE has...

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Ryder Hails Godfather In New Book

14th June 2006

Hollywood star WINONA RYDER has turned her creative talents to writing - penning the forward to her late godfather's biography. Counter-culture icon TIMOTHY LEARY died in 1996 aged 75, and has been remembered fondly by...

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Ryder Returns As Sex Vigilante

12th June 2006

WINONA RYDER is set to make her big screen comeback as a femme fatale in new romantic comedy SEX AND DEATH 101. The HEATHERS star will play media sensation and urban legend DEATH NELL in...

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Ryder Still Traumatised By Shoplifting Conviction

31st May 2006

WINONA RYDER boycotted this month's (MAY06) Cannes Film Festival because she hasn't yet recovered from her shoplifting conviction four years ago (02), according to her co-star KEANU REEVES. Reeves and ROBERT DOWNEY JR were left...

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All Change For Lohan At The Oscars

30th May 2006

Movie star LINDSAY LOHAN called on famous pals like WINONA RYDER to help her change in the toilets at the Oscars in March (06) after promising a friend she'd wear a Calvin Klein gown. The...

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Battle For Leary Biopic

27th March 2006

WINONA RYDER and LEONARDO DiCAPRIO are battling it out with DARREN ARONOFSKY to make the first biopic of counter-culture icon TIMOTHY LEARY. Ryder, Leary's god-daughter, and her father MICHAEL HOROWITZ, Leary's best friend, have signed...

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Ryder Pays Tribute To Penn

26th January 2006

WINONA RYDER has paid tribute to actor CHRIS PENN, her co-star in new movie THE DARWIN AWARDS, who's body was found on Tuesday (24JAN06). The 40-year-old was found dead in his Santa Monica, California,...

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Holofcener Thrilled With Sundance Honour

20th January 2006

Film-maker NICOLE HOLOFCENER had a very special reason to celebrate the fact her new JENNIFER ANISTON movie opened the Sundance Film Festival yesterday (19JAN06) - she started her career at the Utah gathering. The...

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Healthy Mary-kate Gives Away Her Skinny Clothes

1st December 2005

Actress MARY-KATE OLSEN is celebrating beating her eating disorder by giving away clothes that no longer fit her. After gaining almost 15 pounds (6.8 kilograms), the socialite is convinced the eating disorder she battled...

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Stars Stunned By Louis Vuitton's New Paris Store

11th October 2005

SALMA HAYEK, WINONA RYDER and SHARON STONE joined the face of LOUIS VUITTON, UMA THURMAN, when the fashion house re-opened the doors to its impressive newly-renovated seven-storey flagship store in Paris, France, on Sunday (09OCT05)....

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Damon Asks Barroso To Marry Him

13th September 2005

Hollywood star MATT DAMON is engaged to marry his girlfriend LUCIANA BARROSO, following a 17 month romance. The Oscar winner proposed to pretty Floridian Barroso "shortly before Labor Day (05SEP05)", according to his publicist....

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Lloyd Dropped From Cast After Trading Insults With Cher

11th September 2005

Former teen star EMILY LLOYD was dumped from the film MERMAIDS after clashing with the film's leading lady CHER. Lloyd was originally cast to play Cher's daughter CHARLOTTE FLAX in the 1990 romantic comedy,...

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Michael Jackson In Kabbalah Riddle

16th June 2005

MICHAEL JACKSON reportedly turned to controversial religion Kabbalah to help him get through his recent child molestation trial. The singer, who was found innocent of all charges, has been sporting the notorious red string...

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Hair Designer John Sahag Dies Of Cancer

16th June 2005

Celebrity hair designer JOHN SAHAG - who has styled the tresses of such stars as BRAD PITT, JENNIFER ANISTON and SARAH JESSICA PARKER - died of cancer yesterday (15JUN05). He was 51. Born in...

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Jay Kay Prays For End To Sex Drought

31st May 2005

JAMIROQUAI singer JAY KAY is desperate for a girlfriend, because he hasn't had sex for months. The VIRTUAL INSANITY star, who has dated movie beauties WINONA RYDER and DENISE VAN OUTEN, is urging single...

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Jay Kay Loves Rural Ladies

18th May 2005

JAMIROQUAI frontman JAY KAY prefers his women to be rough and ready, because he hates waiting for ladies who spend hours applying their make-up. The VIRTUAL INSANITY singer, who has been linked with a...

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Jay Kay Chooses Cars Over Women

6th May 2005

JAMIROQUAI singer JAY KAY is happily single, because he prefers his vast fast car collection to women. The funk star has been linked with a number of glamorous belles including WINONA RYDER and British...

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Anderson Named Top Rock 'N' Roll Girlfriend

15th March 2005

Blonde bombshell PAMELA ANDERSON has beaten a bevy of beauties to be crowned the Hottest Rock 'N' Roll Girlfriend of all time. The former BAYWATCH star - who dated POISON rocker BRET MICHAELS, was...

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Pitt Strips For Living Portrait

4th March 2005

BRAD PITT fans are delighted to learn the Hollywood hunk will be shedding his clothes – for the sake of art. The TROY star, recently separated from wife JENNIFER ANISTON, is one of...

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