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Winnie The Pooh Illustration Sells For Thrice Auction Estimate

10th December 2014

A famous ink drawing of beloved children's character Winnie The Pooh has gone under the hammer in London for a record $503,200 (£314,500).The E.H. Shepard illustration, which depicts the honey-loving bear playing the game Poohsticks...

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Zooey Deschanel To Feature On M. Ward's New Album

24th January 2012

Zooey Deschanel is set to feature on M. Ward's next album.The singer-and-actress will lend her vocal talents to her She And Him bandmate's sixth solo record 'A Wasteland Companion', which was recorded with 18 different...

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Deschanel Daunted By Winnie The Pooh Song Challenge

3rd January 2012

Movie star and singer Zooey Deschanel felt daunted about penning a song for last year's (11) Winnie The Pooh movie, likening the Disney songwriting process to "cracking a code".The actress and her She & Him...

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Captain America Whips Jack Sparrow

3rd November 2011

Paramount Home Entertainment's Captain America The First Avenger sent Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides to the plank last week. The Marvel superhero debuted in first place on the DVD and Blu-ray Disc...

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Captain America Triumphs Over Harry In America

26th July 2011

Just as it had during another war with Great Britain -- one that no doubt cost far less than the current one -- America returned from crushing defeat last weekend to win the latest weekend...

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Captain America Does What Voldemort Didn't

25th July 2011

Captain America took down Harry Potter over the weekend, sending box-office gurus back to forecasting school. Although most had expected a tight race, with each film taking in around $60 million, the race in reality...

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Hallows First In Sales; Sixth In Attendance

19th July 2011

It didn't come close to the $195 million that some of the wildest forecasts envisaged, but Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 did earn slightly more than Warner Bros.' Sunday estimate -- coming...

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Hallows Is Deathly To Box-office Records

18th July 2011

Warner Bros.' Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 shattered one record after another over the weekend, culminating with an estimated $168.6 million domestically for the three days, making it the all-time champion for...

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Movie Reviews Winnie The Pooh

15th July 2011

"Oh, bother," as Winnie the Pooh would say. Or, "Oh, fluff and stuff." Everybody loves Winnie the Pooh, but there are probably relatively few everybodies who will be taking their kids to see the latest...

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Deschanel Records New Winnie The Pooh Theme

1st April 2011

Movie star and singer Zooey Deschanel has re-recorded the Winnie The Pooh theme for Disney's upcoming movie about the honey-loving bear.The actress and her She & Him bandmate M. Ward have created new music for...

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Winnie The Pooh Royalties Battle Resurfaces

13th November 2009

WALT DISNEY bosses are facing the prospect of further legal action over WINNIE THE POOH - relatives of the man who helped make the honey-loving bear famous claim they are owed "hundreds of millions of...

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Fascinating Fact 6314

6th November 2008

A sketch of WINNIE THE POOH's bouncy pal TIGGER fetched over $49,000 (GBP30,600) at auction in London on Tuesday (04Nov08). The item, drawn by E.H. Shepard - the illustrator of A.A. Milne's beloved children's books...

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Fascinating Fact 3996

25th September 2007

BILLY BOB THORNTON gave his daughter BELLA a third birthday to remember at the weekend (22Sep07) - he treated her to a trip to Disneyland in California, where the tot met her hero WINNIE THE...

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Winnie The Pooh Legal Wrangle Continues

9th February 2007

Walt Disney's ongoing legal battle over cartoon bear WINNIE THE POOH is set to continue after a petition was filed to end the company's trademark ownership rights of the character. Film company Stephen Slesinger Inc,...

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Voice Of Eeyore To Play Transformers Star

24th July 2006

The voice of WINNIE THE POOH's EEYORE has been confirmed to play OPTIMUS PRIME in next summer's (07) action blockbuster TRANSFORMERS. Movie producer LORENZO BONAVENTURA made the announcement that PETER CULLEN, who voiced Prime in...

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Milne's Granddaughter Fails In Pooh Lawsuit

27th June 2006

WINNIE THE POOH author AA MILNE's granddaughter has failed in her bid to wrestle control of the rights to the children's book from licensee STEPHEN SLESINGER. Slesinger, who worked as a producer in New York...

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Fascinating Fact 1366

11th April 2006

WINNIE THE POOH received the 2,308th star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame on Tuesday (11APR06).

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Fascinating Fact 937

2nd February 2006

British Royal QUEEN ELIZABETH II will celebrate her 80th birthday by inviting 3,000 children to a themed garden party at Buckingham Palace. The party will honour much-loved children's characters including HARRY POTTER, WINNIE THE...

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Pooh Gets The Push

8th December 2005

CHRISTOPHER ROBIN has been axed from the new animated Disney version of WINNIE THE POOH. Robin, who was based on author AA MILNE's real son of the same name, will be replaced by a...

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Another Winnie The Pooh Star Dies

27th June 2005

The man behind the voice of beloved WINNIE THE POOH character PIGLET in 40 years of Disney films has died - a day after castmate PAUL WINCHELL passed on. JOHN FIEDLER, who landed the...

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Voice Of Tigger Dies

26th June 2005

American ventriloquist and inventor PAUL WINCHELL, the voice of TIGGER in DISNEY's WINNIE THE POOH films, died in his Los Angeles home on Friday (24JUN05). He was 82. The New Yorker led an extraordinary...

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Spongebob Creator Slams Gay Claims

28th January 2005

LATEST: SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS creator STEPHEN HILLENBURG has slammed suggestions his yellow cartoon character is gay, insisting the loveable sponge is "asexual". A children's music video starring Spongebob, BARNEY, WINNIE THE POOH and a host...

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Video Featuring Spongebob Hit With Gay Warning

21st January 2005

A children's video starring SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS, BARNEY and a host of other cartoon favourites has been slapped with a gay alert warning by Christian Conservative groups. The music video, due to be sent to...

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Meat Loaf Collects Teddy Bears

3rd November 2004

Heavyweight rocker MEAT LOAF has revealed his secret hobby - he collects teddy bears. The BAT OUT OF HELL hitmaker boasts a huge collection of toys and insists they all have feelings. Meatloaf...

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Case Against Disney Thrown Out Of Court

30th March 2004

A Los Angeles Judge has thrown out a WINNIE THE POOH lawsuit accusing the WALT DISNEY company of failing to pay hundreds of millions of dollars in royalties - due to the tampering of evidence....

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Johnnie Cochran Fights For Pooh

3rd December 2003

OJ SIMPSON's former lawyer JOHNNIE COCHRAN is set to give DISNEY bosses a headache after agreeing to represent the estate of writer AA MILNE in an ongoing battle over royalties for character WINNIE THE POOH....

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Pooh Focus Of Ownership Battle

5th May 2003

The granddaughter of WINNIE THE POOH creator A A MILNE has been denied the chance of reclaiming the American marketing rights of the character. A court ruling has upset CLARE MILNE's request to take...

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