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Hazel Yates

She died alone and no one was there to say I love you. It will be OK. It seems the world was hating her in her mind. Now to rest her spirit she wants, Some one to say its OK I love you Amie so she can rest in peace. After all Amie was not a bad person, Amie was an emotional wreck a vulnerable person. She is looking for closure. I thought about dieing alone feeling unloved. Earlier today and Amie came to mind. I'm happy to be alone. Sometimes though it worries me. That no one will be there at the end That when I'm dead I will search for the person who was not at my side when I died. That is going to be so aw full. So maybe its better I go unexpectedly to me . Save my spirit being restless and searching for love to forgive and release me. Like Amie dose now.
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3 years 2 months ago
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