Former MISS USA VANESSA WILLIAMS has become America's pimple queen - she's usually recognised on the street because of her appearances in TV commercials for the Proactive acne remedy. The actress/singer has enjoyed a string a chart hits and TV and stage successes, but fans still approach her for pimple advice following her stint as a spokesmodel for the cosmetics firm. Stunning Williams insists she doesn't mind being linked to the spot solution line - because she still uses it and she still thinks it's the best bad skin treatment on the market. She says, "I had bad skin growing up, but it gave me a wonderful opportunity to take my malady. I still continue to break out but I have a way of controlling it. "People still come up to me and ask for suggestions, from teenagers to mothers who have acne, people that are in their fifties that are breaking out. "That's something that's going to travel and stay with me forever. That's one of my major things."