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Shatner Did Have A Role In Star Trek Movie, Script Reveals

25th November 2009

Appearing to settle the question of whether director JJ Abrams wanted William Shatner to appear in last year's Star Trek movie, the website on Tuesday claimed that two "alternate" scenes in which Shatner would...

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Levi Johnston Vs William Shatner

6th November 2009

Levi Johnston, the father of Sarah Palin's grandson, is finding himself being mocked about as mercilessly as the woman who nearly became his mother-in-law -- and he's fighting back. His lawyer, Rex Butler, has told...

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Shatner Joins Elephant Plight

9th September 2009

WILLIAM SHATNER has appealed to a mayor in Canada to assist in a campaign to release an elephant from a local zoo.The Star Trek actor is pleading with officials at Edmonton's Valley Zoo to move...

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Nimoy & Shatner Thrill Star Trek Fans At Atlanta Convention

5th September 2009

LEONARD NIMOY poked fun at STAR TREK pal WILLIAM SHATNER during a rare and much-anticipated meeting of the two sci-fi icons at an Atlanta, Georgia convention on Friday (04Sep09).Organisers of the Dragon-Con event couldn't believe...

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Eighties Tv Hit T.j. Hooker Heading To Cinemas

6th July 2009

WILLIAM SHATNER's 1980s TV police drama T.J. HOOKER is to get a movie makeover.The action series, produced by TV mogul Aaron Spelling, premiered on the small screen in 1982, with Shatner starring as the title...

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Stars Pay Tribute To Farrah Fawcett

26th June 2009

Farrah Fawcett is now resting with the angels, says her former 'Charlie's Angels' co-star.The 62-year-old actress lost her fight against anal cancer yesterday (25.06.09) and actress Jaclyn Smith believes Farrah is now being looked after...

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Shatner Stuns With Vulcan Hand Sign

19th June 2009

STAR TREK's original CAPTAIN KIRK, WILLIAM SHATNER, stunned late-night U.S. chat show host CONAN O BRIEN on Wednesday (17Jun09) - by offering him a rude one-fingered hand gesture after the presenter poked fun at the...

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Shatner Still Hoping To Return As Kirk

25th May 2009

William Shatner, who produced his own YouTube video to discuss his unhappiness over not being cast in the latest Star Trek movie, says he has not seen it yet. But in a telephone interview with...

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Shatner Goes Gangster In Soprano Style Cartoon

20th May 2009

WILLIAM SHATNER is taking on the animation world - as a cartoon Mafia Don. The Star Trek legend is lending his famous voice to new cartoon series The Gavones, which is shown on social networking site...

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Fascinating Fact 7346

12th May 2009

WILLIAM SHATNER is offering up his signed invitation to the new STAR TREK premiere to the highest bidder to raise cash for the Hollywood Charity Horse Show charity. Ironically, the original Captain Kirk first met...

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Nimoy & Shatner Refuse To Talk Trek

12th May 2009

Original STAR TREK stars LEONARD NIMOY and WILLIAM SHATNER rarely talk about the good old days on the set of the iconic TV series - because both stars have been forgotten by the franchise. Nimoy, who...

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Star Trek Director Advises "Purists" To Stay Home

6th May 2009

While the new Star Trek movie is receiving mostly approving reviews from film critics, director J.J. Abrams is apparently bracing for an onslaught of criticism from those he calls "Star Trek purists." In an interview...

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Captain Kirks Meeting Posted Online

5th May 2009

WILLIAM SHATNER has posted footage of his historic meeting with the new CAPTAIN KIRK, CHRIS PINE, online. The two Kirks met at the Hollywood Charity Horseshow last month (Apr09) and Shatner introduced the young Star Trek...

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Chris Pine: I Didn't Used To Be A Star Trek Fan

4th May 2009

Actor Chris Pine has revealed he was not a Star Trek fan until landing the role of Captain Kirk in the new science-fiction film.The 28-year-old plays the captain of the Enterprise as a young man...

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Abrams: 'Shatner's Kirk Is Dead'

30th April 2009

STAR TREK director J.J. ABRAMS has dismissed reports WILLIAM SHATNER will return to the franchise for the sequel of his new movie - because his Captain Kirk character is dead. Despite protestations from Shatner himself and...

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The Things They Say 12059

28th April 2009

"Nobody will tell me anything. I'm lost and bereft, I have no knowledge, I know nothing. So I have no idea what the story of the movie is." Original STAR TREK actor WILLIAM SHATNER is...

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Shatner "Sad" Not To Be Included In Star Wars

27th April 2009

William Shatner claims that the producers of the upcoming Star Trek movie are so determined to keep the plot under wraps that even his friend Leonard Nimoy, who, unlike Shatner, has a cameo role in...

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The Things They Say 12050

26th April 2009

"How could you not put one of the founding figures into a movie that was being resurrected? That doesn't make good business sense. I've become even more popular than when I was playing Captain Kirk."...

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Shatner Dismisses Feud Over Star Trek Movie

26th April 2009

Former CAPTAIN KIRK star WILLIAM SHATNER has dismissed rumours of a feud with the cast of the new STAR TREK movie, insisting there's no bad blood. The veteran star was upset when director J.J. Abrams refused...

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The Things They Say 12049

26th April 2009

"He just needs attention, constant relentless attention. And he is jealous of anyone else who gets it. He can be charming witty and gracious, but it is all because he needs something." Former STAR TREK...

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Hathaway, Shatner And Bratt Lead Prism Awards

24th April 2009

ANNE HATHAWAY, WILLIAM SHATNER and BENJAMIN BRATT were among the winners at the 2009 Prism Awards, honouring Hollywood productions which raise awareness of drug-related issues. The Los Angeles ceremony, which took place on Thursday (23Apr09), saw...

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Pine Made Peace With Shunned Shatner

22nd April 2009

CHRIS PINE wrote to his STAR TREK predecessor WILLIAM SHATNER following a reported feud with movie bosses - because the young star was determined to make peace with the Hollywood veteran. Shatner, who played Captain Kirk...

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Pegg Labels Star Trek UK Premiere As 'Geek Dream'

21st April 2009

British actor Simon Pegg described the experience of premiering the new Star Trek film in London's West End as a "geek dream".The Hot Fuzz actor, who plays Scotty in JJ Abrams' reboot of the beloved...

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Shatner For Star Trek Sequel?

1st April 2009

Hollywood bosses are hoping that WILLIAM SHATNER will make a cameo appearance in a future STAR TREK movie. A highly-anticipated prequel to 2002's Star Trek: Nemesis is due for a global release on 8 May (09)....

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Trick Or Treat: Shatner Used His Own Death Mask To Scare Hollywood

10th March 2009

WILLIAM SHATNER used to go trick-or-treating in his own death mask. The mask created in his own likeness for a Star Trek episode inspired the one Halloween villain Michael Myers wore in the horror film franchise,...

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Shatner Almost Committed Suicide Over Tinnitus Trouble

6th March 2009

STAR TREK icon WILLIAM SHATNER once contemplated suicide because his hearing problems were driving him mad. The actor has revealed the permanent hiss of tinnitus, caused by an explosion on the set of Star Trek, used...

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Shatner Turns Down Canada Title

16th February 2009

Actor WILLIAM SHATNER has turned down the chance to become Governor General of Canada - because he wants to be Prime Minister. One fan alerted the Star Trek icon to the fact he planned to nominate...

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Shatner/takei Tv Showdown Moves Closer

4th February 2009

Former STAR TREK castmates GEORGE TAKEI and WILLIAM SHATNER's TV showdown is moving ever closer - the chat encounter is under consideration by the network bosses who run SHATNER'S RAW NERVE programme. The two former co-stars...

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Fascinating Fact 6670

17th January 2009

WILLIAM SHATNER will open the 15th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards (SAGs) by offering a champagne toast on the red carpet at the prizegiving on 25 January (09). The STAR TREK legend, a six-time nominee,...

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Takei Still Waiting For Shatner Chatshow Invite

12th January 2009

Actor GEORGE TAKEI has laughed off rumours he's considering appearing on former STAR TREK co-star WILLIAM SHATNER's new U.S. chatshow SHATNER'S RAW NERVE, insisting he hasn't even been invited. The pair has had a strained...

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