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Morgan Freeman Heading For Space

21st August 2005

Hollywood star MORGAN FREEMAN has signed up as a passenger on the world's first commercial space shuttle voyage. The SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION actor has paid $216,000 (GBP120,000) to be among the eight passengers on the...

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Shatner's Desperate For Emmy

4th August 2005

Former STAR TREK star WILLIAM SHATNER is desperate to win a second successive EMMY award in September (05) - and is begging to be picked again. The veteran walked away with a gong in...

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Kasabian's Celebrity Fans

2nd August 2005

British rockers KASABIAN knew they had made it in America when the discovered ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER and WILLIAM SHATNER were celebrity fans. The band, who are well on the way to cracking the music scene...

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Shatner Pays Tribute To Doohen

21st July 2005

Acting veteran WILLIAM SHATNER has paid tribute to his late STAR TREK co-star JAMES DOOHEN, who died on Wednesday (20JUL05) after suffering from pneumonia and Alzheimer's. The 85-year-old actor, who played engineer SCOTTY in...

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Bullock Marries Jesse James

17th July 2005

LATEST: Hollywood beauty SANDRA BULLOCK married American TV star JESSE JAMES yesterday (16JUL05). Several hundred guests including JAMIE LEE CURTIS, WILLIAM SHATNER and REGINA KING attended the ceremony held at a rented Californian ranch...

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Nolte And Lavigne Make Animated Debuts

19th April 2005

Movie star NICK NOLTE and Canadian rocker AVRIL LAVIGNE are making their animated voiceover debuts in DREAMWORKS forthcoming feature OVER THE HEDGE. Nolte and Lavigne will join BRUCE WILLIS, WILLIAM SHATNER and WEST WING...

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Avril To Play Shatner's Daughter On Film?

18th April 2005

Punk pop star AVRIL LAVIGNE is set for a big movie break - as WILLIAM SHATNER's daughter. The COMPLICATED singer is on the verge of signing on to make her movie debut in new...

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Shatner Offers Peta Audio Help

6th April 2005

Former STAR TREK captain WILLIAM SHATNER has recorded the introduction to PEOPLE FOR THE ETHICAL TREATMENT OF ANIMALS' (PETA) President INGRID NEWKIRK's new audio book MAKING KIND CHOICES. The tape features advice on...

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Shatner Hates To Watch Himself 'Decay' On Tv

18th March 2005

Veteran actor WILLIAM SHATNER has refused to watch his acclaimed TV show BOSTON LEGAL - because he doesn't want to look at himself "decaying". The Canadian actor, who will celebrate his 74th birthday on...

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Shatner Loves Bergen's Nose

16th March 2005

STAR TREK icon WILLIAM SHATNER is thrilled to be working with CANDICE BERGEN in acclaimed US TV comedy BOSTON LEGAL - because he loves her nose. The Canadian actor is so fond of his...

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Locklear To Make Tv Return

15th March 2005

Sexy actress HEATHER LOCKLEAR has landed a guest role on WILLIAM SHATNER's acclaimed show BOSTON LEGAL - her first TV project since her series LAX was cancelled. In her two-episode stint, Locklear will play...

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Star Trek Movie Scrapped

11th January 2005

The latest installment in the STAR TREK movie series has been scrapped by film-makers who were disappointed by the finished screenplay. PARAMOUNT hoped to take the sci-fi franchise back before WILLIAM SHATNER's CAPTAIN KIRK...

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Shatner A Paintball Fan

10th January 2005

Veteran actor WILLIAM SHATNER has discovered a new pastime to keep him busy when he's not working - paintball bouts. The former STAR TREK star, 73, admits that while he enjoys tending to horses...

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Candice Goes Legal In New Tv Drama

1st December 2004

Actress CANDICE BERGEN is set to return to the small screen as a lawyer in DAVID E KELLEY's THE PRACTICE spin-off BOSTON LEGAL. The CARNAL KNOWLEDGE star, whose stint in sitcom MURPHY BROWN earned...

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Shatner's Fallout With Kelley

22nd November 2004

WILLIAM SHATNER and DeFOREST KELLEY didn't speak to each other for two years on the set of their cult series STAR TREK - because Shatner laughed at Kelley's dog's death. The pair had a...

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Weaver In Space Quest

19th November 2004

Hollywood star SIGOURNEY WEAVER plans to mimic her famous ALIEN character ELLEN RIPLEY - and take a trip into space. The 55-year-old actress has asked British tycoon RICHARD BRANSON to book her a $207,000...

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Shatner's Cult Album Re-released

4th November 2004

WILLIAM SHATNER's infamous 1968 album THE TRANSFORMED MAN is to be re-released in time for Christmas (04), just three years after it was deleted from sale. Experts at retrospective record label RHINO have revisited...

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Shatner Dopes Locals In Spoof Documentary

11th October 2004

STAR TREK star WILLIAM SHATNER has duped 800 people into taking part as extras for a 'sci-fi film'. The CAPTAIN JAMES KIRK actor told villagers from Riverside, Iowa, they would be appearing in a...

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Shatner Releases Heartfelt Song About Wife's Death

3rd October 2004

STAR TREK star WILLIAM SHATNER has included a heartfelt new song about the drowning death of his wife on his new album HAS BEEN. The actor admits he had to think twice about including...

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Shatner And Nimoy Dupe Entire Town

30th September 2004

WILLIAM SHATNER and LEONARD NIMOY fooled an entire American town into thinking they were making a sci-fi movie on their doorsteps. The STAR TREK legends had the residents of Riverside, Iowa convinced that they...

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Shatner: 'I'm Irresistible To Women'

29th September 2004

STAR TREK star WILLIAM SHATNER is irresistible to ladies because of his extraordinary high level of pheromones. The 72-year-old insists he has no control over his allure to the opposite sex, it's just a...

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Shatner And Lohan Lend Words To Heinz Ketchup

21st September 2004

WILLIAM SHATNER and LINDSAY LOHAN are among a list of celebrities who have signed up to contribute their quotes to HEINZ ketchup bottles. They have signed up with Heinz to "Say Something Ketchuppy" on...

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Shatner Teams Up With Folds For New Album

20th September 2004

STAR TREK legend WILLIAM SHATNER has recorded his first album for 35 years with the help of producer and performer BEN FOLDS. The album HAS BEEN features eleven tracks with variety of collaborators including...

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Shatner And Stone Receive Emmy Honours

14th September 2004

SHARON STONE and WILLIAM SHATNER both picked up creative arts EMMY AWARDS last Sunday (12SEP04) for their guest appearances in ABC drama series THE PRACTICE. The awards are for technical and creative achievements such...

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Carnivale Tops Creative Arts Awards

13th September 2004

Bizarre circus drama CARNIVALE was the big winner at yesterday's (12SEP04) Creative Arts portion of the annual PRIMETIME EMMY AWARDS. The period drama, starring TERMINATOR 3: RISE OF THE MACHINES star NICK STAHL, picked...

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Screaming Shatner

6th September 2004

STAR TREK legend WILLIAM SHATNER was so terrified during his skydive - he screamed all the way until he landed. The Canadian actor, 73, leapt out of a plane with his son-in-law and isn't...

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Shatner Desperate To Haunt Nimoy

3rd September 2004

WILLIAM SHATNER is looking forward to dying - so he can haunt his STAR TREK co-star LEONARD NIMOY. The veteran actor, who played CAPTAIN KIRK in the hit TV series, has threatened to punish...

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Star Trek's Doohan Making Final Public Appearances

30th August 2004

Former STAR TREK actor JAMES DOOHAN attended the first of a series of events honouring him on Saturday night (28AUG04), in what are expected to be his final public appearances. The 84-year-old actor who...

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Stars Sign Confidentiality Agreements For Stallone's Show

26th August 2004

MEL GIBSON, WILLIAM SHATNER and JAMES CAAN are among a host of stars who have had to sign confidentiality agreements after viewing tapings of SYLVESTER STALLONE's new boxing reality show. THE CONTENDER, in which...

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