'William and Kate The Movie', a film adaptation of the forthcoming royal wedding between Prince William of Wales and Kate Middleton is set to begin filming. There has been much speculation in recent weeks as to who would win the rights to create the film, and US company 'Lifetime' have emerged victorious, reports the UK's Sun newspaper.
The studio have already cast the leading man in the movie, with New Zealand actor Nico Evers-Swindell set to take up the role of the Prince. Swindell has previously starred in the movie 'Edge of Darkness' as well as in the US drama show NCIS Los Angeles, however, 'William and Kate' will represent his first major role. Actor Ben Cross has signed up to play the role of Prince Charles, but the part of Middleton is yet to be cast. A spokesman from Lifetime said the movie will not just focus on the wedding, but the couple's entire history together, "from the moment the two students met at Scotland's prestigious University of St Andrews".
'William and Kate' is set to be produced by Frank Konigsberg, with 'Ghost Whisperer's' Mark Rosman directing the screenplay. The movie is being written by Nancey Silvers.