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Perez Embarrasses Dafoe Over Nude Scene

3rd December 2009

WILLEM DAFOE was left red faced in front of his Hollywood peers at the Gotham Independent Film Awards when actress ROSIE PEREZ commented on the size of his manhood while presenting an award.Dafoe's latest movie...

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Movie Reviews Fantastic Mr. Fox

16th November 2009

The stop-motion animated Fantastic Mr. Fox , with a voice cast that includes George Clooney, Meryl Streep, Bill Murray, Willem Dafoe and Jason Schwartzman, received enthusiastic reviews from national critics and those in Los Angeles...

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The Things They Say 13896

27th October 2009

"I try to tell a joke and I always get distracted. I can't remember the important part! Maybe that's why I'm an actor, the important part is scripted out for you!" SPIDER-MAN star WILLEM DAFOE...

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Dafoe Was First Choice For Batman's The Joker

27th October 2009

JACK NICHOLSON almost lost out on the role of The Joker in 1989's BATMAN movie - because SPIDER-MAN star WILLEM DAFOE was director TIM BURTON's first choice.The Shining actor landed the iconic part opposite Michael...

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Fascinating Fact 7873

25th August 2009

WALL-E director ANDREW STANTON's movie adaptation of EDGAR RICE BURROUGHS' JOHN CARTER OF MARS is becoming a star-studded affair - British trio SAMANTHA MORTON, POLLY WALKER and DOMINIC WEST have been added to the cast....

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Animated Movie To Open London Film Festival

27th July 2009

Underscoring the new-found respect cineastes have bestowed on animated features, the London Film Festival announced today (Monday) that it will open on October 14 with Wes Anderson's Fantastic Mr. Fox , which features the voices...

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Dafoe In Therapist's Office For Antichrist

21st July 2009

Actor WILLEM DAFOE visited a therapist's office for the first time in his life to prepare for his role as a psychiatrist in LARS VON TRIER's horror/drama ANTICHRIST.The star was desperate to work with the...

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Fascinating Fact 7684

17th July 2009

SPIDER-MAN villain, actor WILLEM DAFOE is turning shades of green again on the big screen. Dafoe, who last played the GREEN GOBLIN on the big screen in 2007, will play loveable green Martian warrior TARS...

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Fascinating Fact 7366

16th May 2009

Scottish actor ALAN CUMMING is in talks to take over WILLEM DAFOE's role as the GREEN GOBLIN in the upcoming SPIDER-MAN Broadway musical. Dafoe played the part on the big screen....

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The Things They Say 12148

6th May 2009

"I love to wash dishes after small dinner parties. I'm always disappointed when I see a dishwasher's been hired." Actor WILLEM DAFOE would rather roll up his sleeves than relax so his dinner hosts don't...

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Stiller, Dafoe And Rossellini Join Forces To Save The Children

8th April 2009

Hollywood stars BEN STILLER, WILLEM DAFOE, ISABELLA ROSSELLINI and TERRENCE HOWARD are among the celebrities fronting a new Save The Children campaign with exclusive jewellery brand Bulgari. Designers at the high fashion firm have created a...

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Dafoe Sharpens Teeth For New Role

29th May 2008

WILLEM DAFOE is to play yet another character with a thirst for blood in a new horror film currently shooting in New OrleansAfter the Nosferatu-inspired Shadow Of The Vampire and the forthcoming chiller Daydreamers, the...

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Dafoe Expelled For Controversial Film

27th May 2008

SPIDER-MAN star WILLEM DAFOE was expelled from school as a teenager for shooting graphic profiles of his fellow students. The wannabe filmmaker was known for his controversial hobby but when one teacher found unedited footage...

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Dafoe Prefers Evil On Screen

21st April 2008

WILLEM DAFOE prefers playing bad guys on film, because they give him the chance to be more creative. The actor plays a cop in new movie Anamorphic, but has made his name taking on big...

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Willem Dafoe Attacks Money-mad Hollywood

16th April 2008

WILLEM DAFOE has hit out at Hollywood's obsession with making money at the expense of great art. Despite starring in Spider-Man - one of the most commercially lucrative franchises of recent years - Dafoe insists...

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Fascinating Fact 5177

15th April 2008

THE LAST TEMPTATION OF CHRIST star WILLEM DAFOE has died on the big screen more times than any other living actor....

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Dafoe: 'I'm Not A Vegetarian'

15th April 2008

SPIDER-MAN star WILLEM DAFOE has urged fans not to believe everything they read about him on the internet - because he's no longer a vegetarian. The actor admits he's often saluted for his meat-free stance,...

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Dafoe's Pornographic Past

17th December 2007

Actor WILLEM DAFOE was oblivious to the female anatomy as a teenager - despite working for adult magazines Penthouse and Hustler. The Spider-Man star began his career as a youngster in pornography publishing - but...

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Sjp Voted 'Least Sexy'

26th October 2007

Sarah Jessica Parker has been given the dubious honour of being named the 'unsexiest' woman alive in a new poll.The Sex and the City actress was given the unflattering title in a poll for the...

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Hawke To Play Vampire

26th June 2007

ETHAN HAWKE is set to sink his teeth into a new vampire role opposite WILLEM DAFOE. The Before Sunset star is growing his hair in preparation for the neck-biting role in Daybreakers, which he'll shoot...

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Leary Mistaken For Dafoe, Gets Free Strip Club Entry

22nd June 2007

Actor DENIS LEARY was delighted to be granted free entry to a New York strip club recently - because the doorman thought he was WILLEM DAFOE. Leary was looking at potential locations for U.S. television...

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Dafoe's Early Career Stumble

2nd April 2007

SPIDER-MAN star WILLEM DAFOE almost lost his chance at fame when he was fired from his first job as a movie extra. American actor Dafoe appeared briefly in the 1980 Western film HEAVEN'S GATE, which...

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Farrell To Star In Iraq Film

17th March 2007

Irish movie star COLIN FARRELL has signed to star in a new movie about the war in Iraq. Farrell will appear alongside CHARLIZE THERON, RALPH FIENNES and WILLEM DAFOE in THE HURT LOCKER, which tells...

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Thornton Turned Green Goblin Down

23rd February 2007

BILLY BOB THORNTON turned down the chance to be a part of the SPIDER-MAN franchise - because he couldn't handle the make-up. The Oscar winner was offered to chance to play villain THE GREEN GOBLIN...

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Dafoe And Bernal To Judge At Berlin Film Festival

13th January 2007

Actors WILLEM DAFOE and GAEL GARCIA BERNAL will be part of the jury at this year's (07) Berlin International Film Festival. The two film stars, along with jury president PAUL SCHRADER, German actor MARIO ADORF,...

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Bangkok Film Festival Postponed

28th December 2006

Thailand's Fifth Bangkok International Film Festival has been put on hold after the cinema scheduled to host the gala event refused to take part. The festival, which last year (05) boasted OLIVER STONE, WILLEM DAFOE...

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Dafoe And Goldblum Team Up For Nazi Story

20th December 2006

WILLEM DAFOE and JEFF GOLDBLUM will star in a new film about the horrors of the Holocaust based on YORAM KANIUK's acclaimed novel ADAM RESURRECTED. Goldblum will play a former circus clown who is spared...

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Dafoe: 'I Love Family Tension On Set'

2nd June 2006

WILLEM DAFOE adores being directed by his wife GIADA COLAGRANDE, because the sexual tension makes filming a powerfully intense experience. The PLATOON star's upcoming movie BEFORE IT HAD A NAME is a team effort between...

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Fascinating Fact 1549

27th May 2006

SPIDER-MAN villain WILLEM DAFOE is reportedly set to go bad again as MR BEAN's nemesis in the long-awaited sequel to the hit 1997 ROWAN ATKINSON film BEAN. The film started shooting in France earlier this...

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Dafoe Snubbed By Quaid

23rd April 2006

Actor WILLEM DAFOE was stunned when he met his AMERICAN DREAMZ co-star DENNIS QUAID for the first time, because THE ALAMO star was so rude. Dafoe shaved his head and donned a hairpiece and a...

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