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Despite Critical Mauling, 'Plastic' Has Rising Stars

By Michael West | 2nd May 2014

Even though the new caper thriller Plastic is getting a critical mauling on its release this week, the film will still cement the careers of the four bright-spark young British stars.'Plastic' Isn't Very GoodAt 21,...

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Will Poulter's 'Plastic' Is Early Contender For Worst Movie Of 2014

By Michael West | 1st May 2014

Will Poulter. You know Will Poulter. He won a BAFTA. He was the rap-singing teen in We're The Millers - which was actually quite good. But now he's made a bad movie. Which is fine....

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'Plastic' Isn't Fantastic - Critics Maul 'Slick' British Crime Thriller

By Jack de Aguilar | 30th April 2014

It’s easy to get the impression that the critics wanted to like ‘Plastic’, the British crime thriller packed to the brim with handsome 20-somethings, but despite a really promising cast, the film has been taken...

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'Plastic': Edgy British Crime Drama Is 'Spring Breakers' Meets 'Skins' [Trailer]

By Lauren James | 25th March 2014

The trailer has been released for the upcoming British drama, Plastic, which sees a group of criminals head stateside to carry out millions worth of credit card theft. Alfie Allen, Game of Thrones star and...

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Ok, So 'The Maze Runner' Is The New Hunger Games, Divergent, Etc

By Michael West | 18th March 2014

The Maze Runner is the latest young-adult novel to get a movie adaptation as studios become ever more convinced of the literary genre's ability to spawn megabucks franchises. The trailer for The Maze Runner -...

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A Week In Movies: Jennifer Promotes The Millers, Angelina Goes Evil, Coogan Moves Beyond Alan Partridge

By Rich Cline | 16th August 2013

We're the Millers had a huge premiere in London this week, and stars Jennifer Aniston, Jason Sudeikis and Will Poulter were all over town promoting the film before walking the blue carpet in Leicester Square....

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Will Poulter Loved Waterfalls Rap In We're The Millers

15th August 2013

Will Poulter had ''a lot of fun'' learning the lyrics to TLC's 'Waterfalls' for 'We're the Millers'.The 20-year-old actor - who stars alongside Jennifer Aniston, Jason Sudeikis and Emma Roberts in the raunchy comedy -...

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Will Poulter Fine With Swollen Genitals

9th August 2013

Will Poulter was ''totally fine'' with showing off his nuts in 'We're the Millers'.The 20-year-old star's character has to show his swollen genitals to his on-screen family after a spider bites him in the film...

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Is 'We're The Millers' Hollywood's Biggest Missed Opportunity Of The 21st Century?

By Michael West | 7th August 2013

We're The Millers should have been absolutely fantastic. There's no excuse. Let's get the boring stuff out of the way first. The big-budget comedy is directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber - this is the guy...

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Ok, So It Has Jennifer Aniston Stripping, But 'We're The Millers' Looks Funny Too

By Michael West | 24th May 2013

Jennifer Aniston stripping in theWe're The Millerstrailer has predictably dominated all talk of Rawson Marshall Thurber's new comedy movie this week, though it's worth pointing out that this thing may actually be pretty good. Aniston...

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