Oliver Stone - Will Oliver Stone's Reputation Survive With 'Savages'?

Savages is being hailed as a return to form for its director Oliver Stone, whose career has veered away from the controversy and violence that he once courted with the release of Natural Born Killers in 1994. One of the stars of Savages, Salma Hayek, told the Press Association that the movie brings out the best in Stone, saying that it is both 'violent' and 'poetic.'
"There is something so young and refreshing (about the movie)," Hayek explained. "It could have been done by this new genius, a 25-year-old new guy. You can sense Oliver Stone in it, of course, but there's a beauty in the way he interprets technology and who we are today and violence, it's poetic and different." Reviews of the film have largely fallen in Stone's favour so far, with Todd MCCarthy of The Hollywood Reporter opining that "stylistically, Stone summons up many of the visual and aural tropes of his creatively assaultive works of 15 or so years ago.The re-creations of cartel charnel house torture are gruesome and pushed to the limit of mainstream acceptability."
Stone isn't the only one involved in Savages with their reputation hinged on its success. Taylor Kitsch has had a year of misfortune, with the big budget flops Battleship and John Carter both weighing heavily on his shoulders. They say that bad things happen in threes but Kitsch may need to be looking over his shoulder for a while to come, as it doesn't look as though Savages is going to plummet, like his previous endeavors this year.


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