Of all the Mario Balotelli stories, one thing is certain; they're all ridiculous, half of them are made up, and regardless of their validity, they're all childish. But not the mercurial Man City starlet has a child of his own to bring up all angry and misunderstood. 

The 22-year old striker can't do things simply though, and his newborn baby daughter is with an ex girlfriend, one Raffaella Fico. The pair has endured a tough time since their break up, but Mario is said to be 'delighted' at his new found fatherhood, The Daily Mail reports. Balotelli himself was not present at the birth but Raffaella's brother Francesco and her mum Pia were and the baby weighed in at a healthy 8lbs, 4oz (3.8kg) and was registered in her mother's name. When he found out about her pregnancy, Mario refused to accept the baby was his and demanded a DNA test to prove he was the father. Since then, he's attempted to reconcile, but things were once again plunged into disarray, and we can look forward to the new baby's first few years being full of argument and strife. Well, hopefully not. 

If Balotelli's first couple years in England are anything to go by, his next - which now include a young baby - shouldn't disappoint. He's been reported to travel to a school to confront a bully, which obviously isn't true, but it's fun to imagine how that rumour came about.