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Child Director Sues Financier Over Bacon Movie

26th January 2007

A 10-year-old boy who directed a short film starring KEVIN BACON is suing the woman who helped to finance the movie. DOMINIC SCOTT KAY alleges in a lawsuit filed on his behalf yesterday (25JAN07) that...

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Fascinating Fact 2582

12th December 2006

Since pigs grow at a rate of approximately one pound (453 grams) per day, 47 pigs were recruited to play WILBUR in the new children's movie CHARLOTTE'S WEB to keep the lead character looking the...

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Fascinating Fact 80

28th August 2005

46 pigs are playing WILBUR, the porcine star of new live action family film CHARLOTTE'S WEB. The movie stars DAKOTA FANNING and features the voices of JULIA ROBERTS, KATHY BATES and JOHN CLEESE....

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Leann Rimes: I Was Burnt Out

2nd September 2003

Country sensation LeANN RIMES was on the brink of quitting the music industry permanently after "burning out" due to her tender years. The CAN'T FIGHT THE MOONLIGHT star, now 21, performed more than 500...

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