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Byrne To Be Bond Girl

16th January 2006

Australian actress ROSE BYRNE is poised to become DANIEL CRAIG's first ever JAMES BOND girl. There has been much speculation about the identity of VESPA LYND, 007's love interest in CASINO ROYALE, Craig's first...

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Hartnett's Father Shocked By Nimoy Rumours

1st October 2004

Hollywood hunk JOSH HARTNETT's father was shocked by rumours STAR TREK star LEONARD NIMOY fathered his son. The WICKER PARK actor decided to stop reading stories about himself after it was once claimed in...

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Movie Success Threatens Kruger's Marriage

29th September 2004

WICKER PARK actress DIANE KRUGER fears her burgeoning movie career is threatening her marriage to French actor GUILLAUME CANET. The German-born beauty, 28, has been married to Canet for three years, in which...

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Rose's Car Trouble

6th September 2004

Australian actress ROSE BYRNE fears her car is costing her jobs in Hollywood. The TROY star drives a "rent-a-wreck" motor with no air conditioning to auditions, which she believes makes her look a mess...

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Jet Li's Hero Still Surprising Movie Experts In America

6th September 2004

Chinese martial arts movie HERO continues to shock Hollywood by notching up a second week as the country's top film. The ZHANG YIMOU film, which is set in the third century BC and stars...

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