It’s not often a celebrity can admit to punching a homeless man in the face and get the jovial response that Gemma Arteton has enjoyed.

But given the factors; Gemma Arteton is a woman, the man was homeless and he pinched her bum – there’s no wonder the reaction has been more relaxed than if the situation was reversed. "I was in one of those ATM cash machine rooms and there was a tramp in there. He kept looking at me and then he grabbed my bum really hard,” explained Arteton on The Graham Norton Show. "I turned round and properly punched him in the face. I then realised I'd punched a tramp in the face so I ran. Thank God he didn't punch me back. I actually felt quite bad about it." It’s not as though Gemma doesn’t enjoy a good old punch, in fact, it’s one of the reasons she got on board with her new film, Hansel & Gretel. "One of the reasons I wanted to do the film is because I've always wanted to punch people. It was fun," she revlealed.

The proud feminist, who grew up on an estate in Kent certainly isn’t one to accept a random bum pinch, but one wonders what the situation would have been if a male celebrity punched a homeless woman for the same crime. Here at Contact Music, we’re against bum-pinching and face-punching, period.