Big Tex, has died, age 60, all due to an electrical fault in his boot. According to the official Dallas State Fair website, the late motorized, steel, Texan giant wore size 70 boots, to match his height- 52 feet. The fire caught on in one of his enormous feet and engulfed him quickly, 'Big Tex was done in about 10 minutes' said one Fair-goer, leaving only his arms, skeleton and Dickies' belt buckle in tact.

Big Tex was first unveiled in 1952 and has become an icon of the fair and of Texas itself over the years. According to Dallas News, the fire was first reported just after 10am this morning (19th Oct. 2012), the call must have been an odd one, with the Fire Dispatcher speaking on his radio saying "Got a rather tall cowboy with all his clothes burned off." The sympathy messages are already pouring in on the internet. The Wall Street journal report one fan saying "All of Texas mourns today" and others expressing that they'll miss him.

Big Tex truly has lead an incredible life. He began with a brief stint of Santa Claus, which he got bored of, and has since aged gracefully, although not averse to some minor forms of plastic surgery. He has had his nose straightened, plus updates to make him more mobile- such as his waving hand. The perks of being a mechanical man unfortunately don't extend to agelessness, Big Tex got wrinkles and gray hair in his old age, and earlier this year his hand stopped waving.

There are already talks about Big Tex being replaced by one fit for the 21st century, with calls to make the new one 60 feet tall to remember the age at which Old Big Tex died. RIP Big Tex, you shall be missed.