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America Ferrera To Make London Stage Debut

15th October 2010

America Ferrera is set to make her theatre debut in London's West End.The 'Ugly Betty' actress is in talks to appear in 'reasons to be pretty', which is scheduled to open n the famous UK...

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Goldberg Astounded By Toilet Autograph Hunters

15th October 2010

WHOOPI GOLDBERG is frequently left dumbfounded by the audacity of movie fans eager to get an autograph from the Oscar winner - because some devotees approach the actress when she's visiting the restroom.The Ghost star...

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Goldberg Storms Out Of Tv Mosque Debate

14th October 2010

WHOOPI GOLDBERG stormed off the set of her U.S. TV talkshow on Thursday (14Oct10) after becoming infuriated during a heated debate over the planned 'Ground Zero Mosque' in New York.A discussion with conservative broadcaster Bill...

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Goldberg Panicked At New Jersey Comedy Show

12th October 2010

Comedienne WHOOPI GOLDBERG almost cut short her stand-up show in New Jersey on Saturday (09Oct10) after suffering a panic attack moments into her set.The Ghost star performed at Atlantic City's Tropicana Casino last weekend, but...

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Joy Behar Kisses Lisa Rinna On Talk Show

8th October 2010

JOY BEHAR, the American comedian and writer, kissed the actress LISA RINNA on 'The Joy Behar Show', on Wednesday night (6th October 2010) 47-year-old Rinna has recently undergone lip reduction surgery, and she appeared on...

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Goldberg Eyes Nobel Peace Prize

5th October 2010

WHOOPI GOLDBERG has set her sights set on making great strides in the fight for world peace - she wants to add a Nobel Peace Prize to her vast collection of awards.The Ghost actress, 54,...

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Goldberg Opens Up About Mother's Death

4th October 2010

WHOOPI GOLDBERG has spoken of her pain following her mother's death in August (10) - insisting she is throwing herself back into work as she struggles to cope with the tragedy.The Ghost star cut short...

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Goldberg Empathises With Gibson

1st October 2010

WHOOPI GOLDBERG admits she can empathise with MEL GIBSON in light of his recent personal problems - insisting she would be in trouble if anyone recorded her own foul-mouthed rants and leaked them to the...

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Tina Fey's Humour Prize

30th September 2010

Tina Fey will become the youngest person ever to win the Mark Twain Prize for American humour. The 'Date Night' actress will be only the third woman ever to be presented with the award -...

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Tina Fey To Be Youngest Ever Comedy Award Winner

30th September 2010

TINA FEY, the creator and star of hit US show '30 Rock', is set to become the youngest ever recipient of the Kennedy Centre's annual 'Mark Twain Prize' for American humour, reports the Los Angeles...

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Whoopi Goldberg Still Grieving For Mother

30th September 2010

Whoopi Goldberg is finding it difficult to cope after her mother's death. The Hollywood star - whose mother Emma Johnson died on August 29 from complications following a stroke - admits she is still devastated...

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Whoopi Fuming Over Online Impostors

16th September 2010

WHOOPI GOLDBERG has blasted bosses of social networking websites Facebook and Twitter for failing to protect her against online imposters using her name.The Sister Act star has no interest in sharing details of her life...

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Goldberg Mourning Mother's Death

7th September 2010

Actress and comedienne WHOOPI GOLDBERG is mourning the death of her mother, who tragically passed away last month (Aug10) after suffering a stroke.Goldberg, who had been appearing in the London theatre production of Sister Act,...

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Goldberg Scores Huge Bill For Basketball Goods

6th September 2010

WHOOPI GOLDBERG took her mind off her ailing mother with a shopping spree at the weekend (04/05Sep10), spending $5,000 (£3,333) at the NBA store in New York.Last month (Aug10) the Sister Act star was forced...

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Whoopi Ends Theatre Run After Her Mother Suffers A Stroke

27th August 2010

WHOOPI GOLDBERG has quit the London theatre production of SISTER ACT and flown back to the U.S. after discovering her mother has suffered a stroke.The actress - who starred in the 1992 movie that inspired...

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Goldberg's Return To Sister Act Is A Hit

18th August 2010

WHOOPI GOLDBERG's limited run in the West End production of SISTER ACT is proving popular - fans are camping out for days in a bid to secure tickets.The actress-turned-U.S. TV personality played nightclub singer Doloris...

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Goldberg Visits British Prime Minister

12th August 2010

WHOOPI GOLDBERG gave Britain's Prime Minister a surprise on Wednesday (11Aug10) after unexpectedly showing up at his home for a morning visit.The actress is currently in London to perform in a stage version of her...

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Fascinating Fact 9799

11th August 2010

WHOOPI GOLDBERG got back in the habit on Tuesday (10Aug10) as she made her debut in London's West End, playing Mother Superior in a musical stage version of her hit movie, SISTER ACT.

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Goldberg Embroiled In The View Dispute

5th August 2010

WHOOPI GOLDBERG became embroiled in a heated argument with a guest on her hit TV talk show THE VIEW on Wednesday (05Aug10) after the woman accused the actress of grabbing her during the broadcast.Tareq and...

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Goldberg Drugged-up On U.s. Chat Show

19th July 2010

WHOOPI GOLDBERG stunned viewers of her U.S. chat show THE VIEW on Monday (19Jul10) by chuckling as she confessed she was still high from a drug-induced sleep following a late-night flight.The comedienne, who is famously...

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Goldberg Launches Angry Rant On U.s. Tv After Gibson Comments

14th July 2010

WHOOPI GOLDBERG has gone on the attack after she was criticised for defending MEL GIBSON as a racist, chastising her detractors for expressing their complaints in angry calls to her office secretary.The Ghost star sparked...

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Mel Gibson Had Therapy

13th July 2010

Mel Gibson sought therapy as his relationship with Oksana Grigorieva deteriorated, it has been claimed.The actor - who has been accused of domestic violence against his ex-girlfriend - reportedly became concerned about how "unhealthy" their...

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Goldberg: 'Gibson Is Not A Racist'

12th July 2010

WHOOPI GOLDBERG has defended MEL GIBSON against allegations he's a racist after he was allegedly heard using offensive language in an expletive-laden, recorded argument with his ex-girlfriend OKSANA GRIGORIEVA.Audio of the fight, which leaked on...

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Whoopi In Talks To Return To Sister Act

7th July 2010

WHOOPI GOLDBERG has had a religious promotion - she's in talks to return to the stage as the Mother Superior in London musical SISTER ACT.The actress-turned-U.S. TV personality played Doloris and Sister Mary Clarence in...

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Goldberg Blasts Bp Bosses

9th June 2010

WHOOPI GOLDBERG stunned U.S. TV viewers with an angry rant aimed at BP oil chiefs on Tuesday (08Jun10), blasting them for failing to plug the massive leak that continues to spill into the Gulf of...

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Goldberg Warns About Twitter Impostor

25th May 2010

WHOOPI GOLDBERG has warned fans not to be fooled by a account set up in her name, insisting an impostor has been posting messages on her behalf.The Oscar winner was stunned to discover someone...

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Fascinating Fact 9328

18th May 2010

Actor JORGE GARCIA surprised Oscar winner and LOST fanatic WHOOPI GOLDBERG with a special gift during an appearance on her U.S. talk show THE VIEW on Tuesday (18May10) - he presented her with a limited...

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Janet Jackson Finished With Albums

5th May 2010

Janet Jackson doesn't want to make any more albums.The 'All For You' singer is no longer interested in recording LPs as they no longer have the impact they once did and would rather make singles.Her...

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Alba And Goldberg Among 2010 Tribeca Film Festival Jurors

13th April 2010

JESSICA ALBA, WHOOPI GOLDBERG, AARON ECKHART and ALICIA KEYS will be among the stars judging the competition at the 2010 Tribeca Film Festival in New York later this month (Apr10).The celebrities will also be joined...

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Goldberg Confesses To Cheating While Married

5th April 2010

WHOOPI GOLDBERG has come to the defence of SANDRA BULLOCK's embattled husband JESSE JAMES as he fights allegations of infidelity, insisting she can understand why he would cheat - because she "screwed around" during her...

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