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Producer De Luca Blasts Hollywood Liberals

23rd August 2004

Republican film producer MIKE DE LUCA has slammed Hollywood for pandering to liberal stars BARBRA STREISAND and WHOOPI GOLDBERG. The MAGNOLIA movie-maker tells US magazine DETAILS' September (04) issue his decision to be open...

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Goldberg Pulls Out Of Tv Show

27th July 2004

WHOOPI GOLDBERG has pulled out of appearing on American TV show THE VIEW - in a bid to avoid further political controversy. The comedienne, who was scheduled to appear on network ABC's talk show...

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Goldberg 'Banned From Democrat Conference'

27th July 2004

Actress WHOOPI GOLDBERG has reportedly been banned from the DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL CONVENTION, because organisers fear her anti-Bush stance will put off voters. According to reports, leading Democrats have asked left-wing celebrities to hold back...

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Mcenroe Brands Whoopi's Treatment Harsh

20th July 2004

Former tennis ace JOHN McENROE has slammed SLIM-FAST bosses' decision to drop WHOOPI GOLDBERG after her tirade on American President GEORGE W BUSH - branding the movie "harsh". Last week (ends16JUL04), Goldberg was dismissed...

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Las Vegas Casino Boots Out Singer Ronstadt For Praising Moore

20th July 2004

Country legend LINDA RONSTADT has become the latest celebrity political casualty, after being fired for praising MICHAEL MOORE's controversial film FAHRENHEIT 9/11 during a live performance. Before singing DESPERADO for an encore at Las...

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John Slams Censorship In America

18th July 2004

SIR ELTON JOHN has attacked the "era of censorship" in American after WHOOPI GOLDBERG was dismissed as the SLIM-FAST spokesperson for criticising American President GEORGE BUSH. The CANDLE IN THE WIND singer is...

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Whoopi Defends Bush Comments After Slim-fast Axing

15th July 2004

LATEST: GHOST star WHOOPI GOLDBERG has defended her choice to attack American President GEORGE W BUSH, which led to her being dropped as a spokesperson for diet aid company SLIM-FAST. Bosses at Slim-Fast dropped...

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Slim-fast Drops Whoopi Goldberg After Bush Riff

15th July 2004

GHOST star WHOOPI GOLDBERG has been dropped as a spokesperson for diet aid company SLIM-FAST after reportedly comparing American President GEORGE W BUSH's name to crude terms for a vagina. Slim-Fast says it is...

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Stars Raise Funds For Democratic Leaders

9th July 2004

A star-studded benefit concert for American presidential wannabe JOHN KERRY raised more than $7 million (GBP3.9 million) in New York last night (08JUL04). Celebrities including WHOOPI GOLDBERG, JON BON JOVI, MERYL STREEP, PAUL NEWMAN...

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Britney Runs Away From Another Wedding

8th July 2004

BRITNEY SPEARS almost sneaked in a second secret wedding between her 55-hour Las Vegas nuptials and her engagement to KEVIN FEDERLINE - to wacky funnyman PAULY SHORE. Shore tried to persuade Spears to marry...

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Stars Resume Preparations For Kerry Concert

25th June 2004

Singers MARY J BLIGE, WYCLEF JEAN and JON BON JOVI are among a host of stars who have resumed preparations for a concert supporting American presidential candidate JOHN KERRY. The A CHANGE IS GOING...

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Kerry Reschedules Celebrity Concert

10th June 2004

American presidential candidate JOHN KERRY has delighted his supporters by rescheduling a campaign concert starring celebrities including WHOOPI GOLDBERG, ROBIN WILLIAMS, BARBRA STREISAND and BETTE MIDLER. The Democrat hopeful had previously cancelled the...

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Whoopi Cancelled

18th May 2004

OSCAR winner WHOOPI GOLDBERG's self-titled sitcom has been cancelled, less than a year after it debuted on American TV. According to co-star WREN BROWN and rival networks, WHOOPI is not present on NBC's autumn...

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Devito's Dame Tune With Sopranos

27th April 2004

DANNY DeVITO teamed up with stars of THE SOPRANOS to perform SOUTH PACIFIC's THERE IS NOTHING LIKE A DAME at a star-studded cancer benefit onboard luxury cruiseliner QUEEN MARY II at the weekend (24APR04)....

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Judd, Whoopi + Sarandon Join Women's Rights Protest

27th April 2004

ASHLEY JUDD, WHOOPI GOLDBERG and SUSAN SARANDON were among the 800,000 women who marched on Washington DC at the weekend (25APR04) to protest abortion rights. The stars joined SENATOR HILARY CLINTON and media mogul...

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Whoopi Nervously Awaits Fate Of Sitcom

20th April 2004

WHOOPI GOLDBERG is anxious about the season finale of her sitcom - because she's still waiting for bosses give her the go-ahead for another series. While the OSCAR-winning GHOST star's show WHOOPI has...

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Streisand Visits Actors Studio In Whoopi's Bus

19th March 2004

BARBRA STREISAND agreed to appear on highbrow American chat show INSIDE THE ACTORS STUDIO, if producers arranged it so she could drive to New York for the taping in WHOOPI GOLDBERG's bus. The 61-year-old...

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The Color Purple Gets The Musical Touch

9th March 2004

Beloved movie THE COLOR PURPLE is set to follow THE GRADUATE and HAIRSPRAY as the latest film to hit the Broadway, New York, stage. The film version of ALICE WALKER's PULITZER PRIZE-winning novel, which...

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Whoopi Writing For Children

4th March 2004

WHOOPI GOLDBERG is set to join the ranks of JAMIE LEE CURTIS and MADONNA by becoming a children's author. The GHOST star has become a big fan of children's tales ever since she started...

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Whoopi Whips Her Cast Into Shape

3rd March 2004

WHOOPI GOLDBERG has banned fast food from the set of her new TV sitcom in a bid to get her cast healthy. The funnygirl, who has become a spokeswoman for diet giants SLIMFAST, decided...

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Swayze And Goldberg Reunite

1st March 2004

PATRICK SWAYZE was elated to appear on WHOOPI GOLDBERG's sitcom last night (24FEB04) - because it gave him a chance to be onscreen with the comedienne for the first time in 14 years. The...

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Whoopi Turns To Writing

29th February 2004

Actress WHOOPI GOLDBERG has signed a multi-book deal with a publishing branch specialising in black literature. The GHOST star is hoping her writing talents will influence the way people think about living in a...

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Affleck Shunted By George W Bush

19th February 2004

Hollywood superstar BEN AFFLECK was put in his place at the DAYTONA 500 yesterday (15FEB04) - by American PRESIDENT GEORGE W BUSH. On his arrival at the Florida car race, the PAYCHECK actor was...

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Whoopi Feels For Britney

6th January 2004

Actress WHOOPI GOLDBERG has given BRITNEY SPEARS a little sympathy while the rest of the world continues to giggle at the pop star's half-day marriage. The thrice-married GHOST star says she's wed hastily in...

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Spongebob Squarepants Dominates Christmas Wish Lists

8th December 2003

Cartoon favourite SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS is expected to become the biggest seller in America this Christmas, with a range of merchandise flying off shelves. Official products currently available based on NICKELODEON's talking sponge include a...

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Hoffman + Biggs Are Hailed Heroes

21st November 2003

Pals DUSTIN HOFFMAN and JASON BIGGS turned into heroes in Los Angeles recently, when they interrupted a lunch to help a female cyclist who was hit by a car. The pair, who were dining...

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Whoopi Urges Sexy Stars To Be Careful

12th November 2003

GHOST star WHOOPI GOLDBERG is warning her fellow celebrities to think twice before indulging in homemade sex tapes. The comedienne admits she's stunned at the number of high profile people - including PAMELA ANDERSON...

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Stars Team Up For Richard Pryor Tribute

7th November 2003

A host of stars are gearing up to appear in a tribute to RICHARD PRYOR - and the ailing comedian will host the event himself. RICHARD PRYOR: I AIN'T DEAD YET, ******* is scheduled...

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Keith Richards + Phil Collins Cameo In Whoopi

6th November 2003

Veteran rockers KEITH RICHARDS and PHIL COLLINS are to make cameo appearances in a new episode of hit sitcom WHOOPI. The episode - which airs on American TV next week (ends14NOV03) - sees Collins...

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Whoopi Deals Rude Jewellery Man A Parting Shot

3rd November 2003

Straight-talking actress WHOOPI GOLDBERG had a withering parting shot for a rude jewellery shop owner who tried to hurry her out of his store. The GHOST star was browsing in a Santa Monica, California,...

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