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Keith Richards Teams With White

4th September 2009

Keith Richards has been recording with Jack White.The rocker has been filling his time waiting to make a new Rolling Stones album by collaborating with the White Stripes and Raconteurs star on a secret project.He...

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White To Produce For The Rolling Stones?

2nd September 2009

WHITE STRIPES and RACONTEURS star JACK WHITE will produce the next ROLLING STONES record, if guitarist KEITH RICHARDS gets his way.The rocker admits he's in negotiations with White and hopes to be back in the...

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Jay-z Wants To Work With White

2nd September 2009

Hip-hop superstar JAY-Z is planning an unusual collaboration - he wants to work with WHITE STRIPES rocker JACK WHITE.The rapper is set to release his latest album Blueprint 3 on 11 September (09) and the...

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Fascinating Fact 7872

24th August 2009

The WHITE STRIPES, DEAD WEATHER and RACONTEURS star JACK WHITE's Third Man Records company is to launch a 'pop-up record store' in Los Angeles next week (26-28Aug09). The store, located at 448 South Main Street,...

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Jack White Goes Solo

6th August 2009

Jack White is releasing a solo single.The rocker - who also plays guitar in The Dead Weather and front The White Stripes and The Raconteurs - penned 'Fly Farm' blues at the request of film...

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Fascinating Fact 7779

5th August 2009

THE WHITE STRIPES rocker JACK WHITE is releasing a solo song later this month (Aug09). White wrote and recorded Fly Farm Blues during the filming of DAVIS GUGGENHEIM's upcoming music documentary IT MIGHT GET LOUD.

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Taylor Swift's White Dream

27th July 2009

Taylor Swift wants to duet with Jack White.The 'Fearless' singer says she dreams of teaming up with the rocker - who fronts The White Stripes and Raconteurs and performs with The Dead Weather - on...

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Alison Mosshart's Thrilling Band

27th July 2009

Alison Mosshart says being in The Dead Weather is "thrilling".The singer - who also fronts The Kills - loves being a part of the supergroup, which also includes members of The Raconteurs and Queens of...

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Jack White Bemoans Downloading

24th July 2009

Jack White says illegal downloading is ruining "the romance" of music.The Raconteurs, White Stripes and Dead Weather star - who has just launched his own online music service, The Vault - insists obtaining tracks without...

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Kate Moss Ready For The Kills

20th July 2009

Kate Moss wants to join her boyfriend's band.The British supermodel is to audition for lover Jamie Hince's group The Kills to replace singer Alison Mosshart.Jamie is currently searching for a new singer to perform with...

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Jack White's Band Plan

6th July 2009

Jack White wants to form 20 more bands.The musician - who fronts The White Stripes and The Raconteurs and plays drums for Dead Weather - says he never deliberately tries to put together new groups...

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The Things They Say 12733

26th June 2009

"In the age of reality TV, when so many things are accessible, it's changing. It's less romantic than it used to be, but it's going to come back in the next 10 or 20 years."...

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White Stripes Canadian Tour To Become A Movie

16th June 2009

The WHITE STRIPES' bizarre tour of Canada, which featured them performing in classrooms and fishing boats, is to be released as a documentary.The 2007 dates, in between standard arena and concert hall venues, took the...

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Jack White's Accidental Band

9th June 2009

Jack White and Alison Mosshart "accidently" formed their band Dead Weather.The White Stripes star and The Kills singer - who are joined by Queens of the Stoneage rocker Dean Fertitia and The Raconteurs star Jack...

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Meg White Marries

27th May 2009

Meg White has got married.The 34-year-old drummer and her guitarist lover Jackson Smith wed in a double ceremony held in the garden of Meg's White Stripes bandmate Jack White's home in Nashville last Friday (22.05.09).Also...

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Meg White Weds

26th May 2009

WHITE STRIPES star MEG WHITE has wed PATTI SMITH's son JACKSON as part of a double ceremony at bandmate JACK WHITE's Nashville, Tennessee home. Jack White's Raconteurs and the Dead Weather bandmate Jack Lawrence also exchanged...

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Jack White's 'Accidental' New Band

23rd May 2009

Jack White says his new band was a "happy accident".The White Stripes frontman recently formed The Dead Weather and although he had no desire to start another group he felt it was the right thing...

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Duffy To Record Bond Song

22nd May 2009

Duffy is set to sing the next James Bond theme.Work has already started on the follow-up to 'Quantum of Solace' - starring Daniel Craig as the British spy - and one of the film's producers...

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White Stripes Are Back With New Material

10th May 2009

JACK WHITE is starting up THE WHITE STRIPES with his former wife MEG again, insisting the anxiety issues that hit his partner in 2007 and forced him to scrap a planned tour have been sorted. The...

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Eminem A Triple Threat On Late-night U.s. Tv

10th May 2009

EMINEM will follow U2, PRINCE and the WHITE STRIPES by staging a residency on late-night TV in America. The rapper will appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on 15 May and the 19 and 22 May (09)...

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White Stripes Star Engaged - Report

4th May 2009

WHITE STRIPES star MEG WHITE is to marry her rocker boyfriend JACKSON SMITH, according to U.S. reports. The 34-year-old drummer is set to marry Smith, 27, who is the son of punk legend Patti Smith, on...

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Independent Record Stores Fight Back

18th April 2009

Over 50 independent record shops across the UK participated in the day, with special events planned in some stores, including gigs and exclusive vinyl and CD releases.In addition, the Rough Trade chain of stores revived...

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White Stripes Perform Together Again

23rd February 2009

THE WHITE STRIPES performed together for the first time since autumn 2007 over the weekend.Jack and Meg reunited onstage to play on US talk show host CONAN O'BRIEN's final TV programme.The duo played the track...

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White Stripes To Play Final Late Night Show

12th February 2009

Rock duo the WHITE STRIPES will perform together for the first time in two years as part of U.S. TV host CONAN O' BRIEN's final LATE NIGHT show on 20 February. The group is a favourite...

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Fascinating Fact 6735

29th January 2009

THE WHITE STRIPES' star MEG WHITE is auctioning off one of her drum kits to help raise money for Detroit music scene lynchpin Jim Shaw, who is battling cancer. The kit, which featured in the...

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White Compares Live Shows To Church

22nd December 2008

WHITE STRIPES frontman JACK WHITE loves attending rock concerts - because it is just like going to church. The singer believes experiencing a live show in front of a captive audience is similar to religious...

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Shadow Puppets Badgered White To Perform

28th October 2008

THE LAST SHADOW PUPPETS' frontman MILES KANE was so desperate to perform with JACK WHITE that he "bullied" the WHITE STRIPES guitarist into joining him onstage. Kane and his bandmate, Arctic Monkeys star Alex Turner,...

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White Unhappy With Bond Track's Debut

15th September 2008

THE WHITE STRIPES star JACK WHITE is "disappointed" after his BOND track ANOTHER WAY TO DIE was used to promote a soft drink. The rocker teamed up with Alicia Keys to write and record the...

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White Stripes + Gnarls Barkley Claim Vma Technical Awards

8th September 2008

The WHITE STRIPES, GNARLS BARKLEY, KANYE WEST and T-PAIN have been added to the list of MTV Video Music Awards winners after picking up technical prizes following Sunday night's (07Sep08) big awards bash. Gnarls Barkley's...

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Jack White Talks Bond And Alicia Keys

22nd August 2008

Jack White has been talking about his collaboration for the forthcoming James Bond movie ANOTHER WAY TO DIE.Alicia Keys has reportedly long been keen to work with the WHITE STRIPES and RACONTEURS frontman, but has...

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