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Edward Norton Preparing Obama Campaign Documentary

12th March 2008

Edward Norton is working on a documentary focusing on the presidential campaign of White House hopeful Barack Obama.Through his Class 5 Films production company, the actor is working with directors Amy Rice and Alicia Sams...

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Nip And Tuck(er)

11th March 2008

MSNBC confirmed Monday that has canceled conservative commentator Tucker Carlson's talk show. David Gregory, chief White House correspondent for NBC News, will host a replacement show that will air weeknights beginning at 6:00 p.m. Carlson,...

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Hip-hop Great Russell Simmons Backing Barack Obama

4th March 2008

Def Jam legend Russell Simmons has confirmed his endorsement for US presidential hopeful Barack Obama.Hugely influential in the black community, Simmons' backing will provide a boost to the Illinois senator's campaign ahead of crucial primary...

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Nicole Kidman To Star In Doug Liman's Cia Movie

14th February 2008

Nicole Kidman is to take the lead role in a biopic of exposed CIA agent Valerie Plame, it has been confirmed.Plame's 20 years of covert CIA employment was leaked to the press and exposed by...

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Media Accused Of Uncritical Coverage Of Iraq War Buildup

23rd January 2008

A study conducted jointly by the Center for Public Integrity and the Fund for Independence in Journalism has concluded that the news media gave "deferential and uncritical" coverage to hundreds of false administration statements about...

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Mockingbird Author Honoured

6th November 2007

Acclaimed author Harper Lee has been awarded with America's highest civilian honour by president George Bush for her contribution to literature.To Kill a Mockingbird, Lee's only novel, was awarded the Pulitzer Prize in 1961 and...

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Rather Pressured Cbs To Air Discredited Report, Says Book

8th October 2007

Although he continues to maintain that he had little involvement with the 60 Minutes Wednesday report on George Bush's service in the National Guard that led to his ouster as CBS Evening News anchor, Dan...

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Hardball Host Matthews Cries Foul

5th October 2007

Chris Matthews, host of MSNBC's Hardball, charged Thursday that White House officials have frequently complained about his broadcasts to his bosses at the cable network. Speaking at a dinner honoring him on the occasion of...

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Nbc Losing Piracy War, Zucker Admits

4th October 2007

Declaring that "the unfortunate truth is that today we are losing the battle" against Internet piracy, NBC Universal CEO Jeff Zucker asked members of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to unite with the entertainment industry...

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Three Years After Losing Anchor's Seat, Rather Sues Cbs

20th September 2007

In filing a $70-million lawsuit against CBS on Wednesday, Dan Rather maintained that he had little to do with the report that resulted in his being removed as anchor of the CBS Evening News other...

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Nbc Accused Of Bias In Live Earth/gore Coverage

11th July 2007

Conservative criticism of the Live Earth coverage on Saturday by NBC and its sibling cable networks began rising Tuesday, with many commentators describing it as free political propaganda for Al Gore. In an editorial, Investor's...

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Valenti Death Creates Marketing Nightmare For Publisher

7th June 2007

The sudden death of former Motion Picture Association of America chief Jack Valenti in April has presented a huge marketing problem for Harmony, the publisher of Valenti's just-released memoirs, This Time, This Place: My Life...

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Tech Sites Heap Scorn On Canada's Camcording Bill

5th June 2007

Internet tech sites have weighed in on the introduction of a bill in the Canadian parliament that would impose criminal penalties on anyone convicted of using a camcorder in a theater without permission. Several suggest...

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N.y. Times' Rsvp To White House Correspondents Dinner: Regrets

30th April 2007

In what could force a reexamination of what often is regarded as an all-too-chummy relationship between the administration and the "fourth estate," the New York Times has confirmed that it will no longer attend the...

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Jack Valenti Dead At 85

27th April 2007

Jack Valenti, a Texan who was credited with giving the motion picture industry a Victorian voice and a modern outlook during his nearly 40 years as head of the Motion Picture Association of America, died...

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Politico Fallout

23rd March 2007

For the second time in two weeks, the recently launched website, which has partnered with CBS News for political coverage, has found itself having to backtrack after issuing what appeared to be poorly sourced...

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C-span To Allow Web Copying

8th March 2007

In an extraordinary policy shift, C-SPAN, which focuses on the activities of government, announced Wednesday that it would permit the "copying, sharing and posting" on Internet sites of most of the programs that it currently...

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Liberal Pundit Schlesinger Dead At 89

1st March 2007

Historian Arthur Schlesinger Jr., one of the most visible faces of American liberalism on U.S. television news programs since the late '50s, died Wednesday in New York, the New York Times reported on its website...

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Media Critic Condemns White House Video Press Releases

28th February 2007

Ken Auletta, the media critic for the New Yorker says that the White House has cut back the number of news conferences the president holds in favor of brief one-on-one interviews with individual reporters and...

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Rice: "My Fox Guys, I Love Every One Of Them"

12th January 2007

Following reports that Fox News Channel is the only cable news channel permitted to be switched on in the White House comes a report suggesting that it may also enjoy special status in the State...

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Stone Hires Conservative To Write Script About Afghan Conflict

17th October 2006

Director Oliver Stone, an outspoken Hollywood liberal who has condemned the war in Iraq, has raised eyebrows by his choice of Cyrus Nowresteh, a political conservative who wrote the controversial ABC miniseries The Path to...

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Schwarzenegger Begs Voters To Back Bush

2nd September 2004

Actor-turned-politician ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER is begging Americans to vote for US President GEORGE W BUSH in the forthcoming elections. The Governor of California addressed 2,500 delegates at the REPUBLICAN NATIONAL CONVENTION in New York's MADISON...

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Moore: 'Gibson Quit After White House Warnings'

19th July 2004

Controversial director MICHAEL MOORE claims MEL GIBSON backed out of financing his hit documentary FAHRENHEIT 9/11 after Republican sources told the actor he would never be invited to the WHITE HOUSE again. The explosive...

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Larry King Backs Out Of Moore Interview

14th July 2004

Chat-show host LARRY KING has confused controversial director MICHAEL MOORE by inexplicably ending talks to book the film-maker for his prime-time talk show. King's producers were negotiating to have the FAHRENHEIT 9/11 star on...

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Mason's Grandson Follows His Example

12th July 2004

Late film icon JAMES MASON's grandson has decided to follow the NORTH BY NORTHWEST star's footsteps by becoming an actor. Eighties pop singer BELINDA CARLISLE's son JAMES MASON JR, 12, refuses to join his...

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Lewinsky Feels Betrayed By Clinton

25th June 2004

Former WHITE HOUSE intern MONICA LEWINSKY has declared she feels betrayed by BILL CLINTON for addressing their affair in his new autobiography. Lewinsky, who told her own account of the affair in the 1999...

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Monica Lewinsky's Bag Company Goes Bust?

13th June 2004

Former WHITE HOUSE intern MONICA LEWINSKY's bag business appears to have hit a rough patch, according to a posting on her website. Lewinsky rose to notoriety in the 1990s when her affair with former...

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Myers Finally Meets His Icon Clinton

4th June 2004

SHREK 2 comedian MIKE MYERS was thrilled to meet former American First Lady HILLARY CLINTON and tour the WHITE HOUSE in his first trip to Washington DC. The Canadian star, who holds dual Canadian/American...

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Bush Snr Brands Moore A 'Slimeball'

1st June 2004

Former American President GEORGE BUSH has blasted filmmaker MICHAEL MOORE over allegations made about his son GEORGE W BUSH. Bush senior is fuming about Moore's shocking documentary FAHRENHEIT 9/11 which attacks his son's questionable...

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Tarantino Defends Moore's Palme D'or Winning Film

23rd May 2004

Director QUENTIN TARANTINO has lashed out at reports he awarded MICHAEL MOORE the prestigious PALME D'OR at the CANNES FILM FESTIVAL for political reasons. Tarantino headed the jury at the annual movie event on...

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