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Fairness Doctrine Returning?

16th February 2009

Responding to the overwhelming opposition by talk-radio hosts to President Obama's economic stimulus program, former President Bill Clinton said on Friday, "We either ought to have [the reimposition of] the Fairness Doctrine or more balance...

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Grammys Make A Comeback

10th February 2009

After ratings for the recording industry's annual Grammy awards plunged to their third-lowest level in history last year with just 17.18 million viewers tuning in, they zoomed upwards Sunday night, attracting 19.05 million. Critics, as...

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House To Vote Anew On Digital Transition

30th January 2009

The White House is putting its weight behind a new bill aimed at delaying the mandated February 17 switchover to digital television. Like the previous bill, it quickly was passed by the Senate, but its...

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Consumer Union Calls For Switchover Delay

8th January 2009

Consumer Union, the nonprofit group that publishes Consumer Reports , has called for the February 17 date that the switchover from analog to digital TV is scheduled to take place to be be postponed. In...

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Entertainer Eartha Kitt Dead At 81

26th December 2008

Eartha Kitt, who rose to sudden fame 56 years ago as a cast member of Broadway's New Faces of 1952 , a kind of American Idol of its day in which unknown but remarkable talent...

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Toby Jones: The Bad Guys Are The Best

26th October 2008

Acclaimed British actor Toby Jones has admitted he relished playing controversial presidential guru Karl Rove in Oliver Stone's George Bush biopic W.Rove was special adviser to Bush and his father during their many election campaigns...

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Elizabeth Banks: First Lady Role Was Intimidating

25th October 2008

Elizabeth Banks has admitted being initially daunted by the prospect of playing Laura Bush in Oliver Stone's George Bush biopic W.The 34-year-old, best known for her roles in TV comedy Scrubs and the Spider-Man franchise,...

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Thandie Newton: W Is My Vote In The Us Elections

24th October 2008

Thandie Newton has described her portrayal of Condoleezza Rice in Oliver Stone's George Bush biopic W as her 'vote' in the presidential elections.The Bafta-winning British actress, obviously barred from participating in the US elections, told...

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Harrison Ford Named Favourite Film President

23rd October 2008

Harrison Ford has been handed the honour of being named the fictional president film fans would most like to see in the White House.Overcoming terrorists on the presidential plane in 1997's Air Force One saw...

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Movie Reviews W.

17th October 2008

Somewhat surprisingly W. has turned out to be director Oliver Stone's best-reviewed film in ages. Roger Ebert in the Chicago Sun-Times awards it four stars and calls it "fascinating." And he suggests that unlike other...

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Letterman Sends New Invitation To Mccain ... Sort Of

10th October 2008

David Letterman on Thursday addressed rumors that first appeared in the New York Post that John McCain would appear on his show and that the two would bury the hatchet after McCain dropped out of...

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Scarlett Accuses Press Of 'Sexism' Towards Hillary

9th October 2008

Scarlett Johansson has criticised the American media's 'sexist' treatment of senator Hillary Clinton during her bid for the White House.Mrs Clinton lost out on the Democratic party's nomination for the presidency to Barack Obama but...

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Foo Fighters Fury After Mccain Uses Song For Campaign

9th October 2008

The Foo Fighters have requested that US presidential hopeful John McCain stop using their song My Hero in his bid for the White House.In a statement issued on Wednesday, the US rockers said the Republican...

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The Debate Is On!

26th September 2008

The first televised presidential debate, due to take place in Oxford, MS tonight (Friday), will be held as scheduled,. Republican presidential candidate John McCain announced today that he had reversed his previous decision to suspend...

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Couric Next To Take A Crack At Interviewing Palin

17th September 2008

CBS News anchor Katie Couric has landed Sarah Palin's second major broadcast interview. The network said Tuesday that Couric's interview will take place on Sunday, Sept. 28 and Monday, Sept 29 and air the next...

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Freeman And Who Stars Honoured With Kennedy Centre Awards

10th September 2008

Morgan Freeman has been named as a recipient of a 2008 Kennedy Centre award.The Dark Knight star, as well as founders of the Who Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey, will receive the prestigious honour at...

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Three Wins For Britney At Mtv Video Music Awards

8th September 2008

Britney Spears was the big winner at the MTV Video Music awards (VMAS) claiming three trophies.The Toxic star - who made the headlines with a shambolic performance at the 2007 show - was the talk...

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Stars Out For Obama

29th August 2008

Celebrities flocked to the finale of the Democratic convention last night as Barack Obama accepted the party's nomination for president.As the Illinois senator made history by becoming the first African-American to be chosen to run...

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Rapper Ludacris Slammed For Attacking Obama Opponents

31st July 2008

US presidential hopeful Barack Obama has criticised Ludacris after the rapper released a song attacking the Democratic senator's opponents.A track entitled Politics As Usual, included on the Gangsta Grillz: The Preview mixtape, Ludacris says Republican...

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Koppel Signs With Bbc World News America

9th July 2008

Stepping up its competition with the American all-news cable networks, BBC World News America announced Tuesdays that former ABC Nightline anchor Ted Koppel will become a regular contributor to its nightly broadcasts, which air on...

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Rather Says Profits Drive Tv News

10th June 2008

Former CBS News anchor Dan Rather has accused the news media of putting the quest for profits ahead of the quest for truth. In a speech to the National Conference for Media Reform in Minneapolis...

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Mcclellan Admits He Gave Media False Info

2nd June 2008

Former White House spokesman Scott McClellan admitted Sunday that he had "unknowingly" presented "false information" to the news media about President Bush's Iraq strategy. "I was part of this propaganda campaign, absolutely," McClellan conceded on...

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More Mea Culpas

30th May 2008

In perhaps the most unqualified mea culpa by a top network news anchor following former White House press secretary Scott McClelland's claim that the media became "complicit enablers" of the administration's war policy, Harry Smith,...

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Tv Reporters Weigh In On What Happened?

30th May 2008

CNN congressional correspondent Jessica Yellin appeared to be backing away from her comments Wednesday night that in the months leading up to the invasion of Iraq, reporters, herself included, were "under enormous pressure from corporate...

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Did Anchors Mislead Public On Iraq?

29th May 2008

Appearing for the first time together on each of the major networks' morning programs to promote a Stand Up to Cancer telethon in September, Katie Couric, Charles Gibson, and Brian Williams defended themselves against claims...

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Ex-white House Spokesman Says Media Fell For Propaganda

29th May 2008

In a new book to be released Sunday, former White House spokesman Scott McClellan excoriates his former administration bosses for their handling of the war in Iraq and the Katrina disaster and accuses the "liberal...

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White House Condemns Editing Of Bush Interview

20th May 2008

The White House on Monday accused NBC News of "deceitful" editing of an interview with President Bush by correspondent Richard Engel. In the interview, Engel asked Bush about remarks he made before the Israeli Knesset...

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Moore Making Fahrenheit 9/11 Sequel

15th May 2008

Michael Moore is at work on a sequel to Fahrenheit 9/11, his hit documentary about the Iraq war, with plans to release it next spring when a new administration is installed in the White House....

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West Wing's Sheen Backs Obama For President

24th April 2008

Venerable Hollywood actor Martin Sheen has publicly backed Barack Obama as the Democratic party's presidential nominee for the first time.Campaign groups representing Obama and his rival Hillary Clinton had both previously approached the 67-year-old seeking...

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Barack Obama Has Backing Of The Boss For Top Job

17th April 2008

US presidential hopeful Barack Obama can add Bruce Springsteen to his list of celebrity supporters, it has emerged.The New Jersey rocker has endorsed the Illinois senator's bid for the White House, saying Mr Obama is...

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