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Snipes Set To Lose Second Florida Home In Tax Sting

14th April 2005

Action man WESLEY SNIPES is reportedly set to lose a second Florida home in a tax sting. The BLADE star lost one estate in 2003 through a foreclosure sale and now he has another...

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The Rock Doubles Up Superhero Roles

18th February 2005

Wrestling star-turned-movie action man THE ROCK is in negotiations to bring two comic book superheroes to life on the big screen. THE SCORPION KING star, real name DWAYNE JOHNSON, has been attached to a...

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Ossie Davis Honoured At Malcolm X Screening

9th February 2005

SPIKE LEE, DENZEL WASHINGTON and WESLEY SNIPES were among a host of stars who paid special tribute to late actor OSSIE DAVIS in New York City on Monday (07FEB05). The remembrances came at an...

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Snipes Loses Bid To Overturn Arrest Warrant

27th January 2005

BLADE star WESLEY SNIPES' request for a federal judge to cancel an arrest warrant stemming from an Indiana paternity case was rejected yesterday (26JAN05). US District Judge LORETTA PRESKA threw out Snipes' suit...

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Snipes 'Threatened To Kill' Director

18th January 2005

Actor WESLEY SNIPES threatened to kill BLADE TRINITY director DAVID GOYER because he felt his all action character had been sidelined to make room for two new ones. The 42-year-old's co-stars, RYAN REYNOLDS and...

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Foxx Inspired By New Jack City

18th January 2005

WESLEY SNIPES' performance in NEW JACK CITY triggered JAIME FOXX's quest for big screen stardom - because it made him realise black actors can succeed in white-dominated Hollywood. The film star, who has received...

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Snipes Sues New York City

21st December 2004

BLADE star WESLEY SNIPES filed a lawsuit against New York City yesterday (20DEC04), charging its officials with having no jurisdiction to arrest him as part of an Indiana paternity case. The suit, filed in...

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Jim Carrey Dominates Us Box Office

20th December 2004

JIM CARREY's movie LEMONY SNICKET'S A SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS has debuted at the top of the American box office, after raking in $30.2 million (GBP15.8 million) over the weekend. The film, based on...

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Jameson Left Shocked By 'Lewd' Snipes

17th December 2004

Adult film actress JENNA JAMESON considers WESLEY SNIPES the filthiest celebrity she has met - because he allegedly asked her a personal question about her sexual habits. The PRIVATE PARTS star, often touted as...

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Ocean's Twelve On Top

13th December 2004

GEORGE CLOONEY and BRAD PITT's star-studded OCEAN'S ELEVEN sequel has stormed to the top of the US box office after netting a staggering $40.8 million (GBP21.3 million) in it's first weekend on release. The...

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Biel's Squirrel Surgery

6th December 2004

BLADE: TRINITY actress JESSICA BIEL has never been squeamish about blood - as a child she once cut open the brain of a dead squirrel. The female lead in WESLEY SNIPES' latest vampire movie...

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Snipes' Alienated Blade Co-stars

6th December 2004

WESLEY SNIPES alienated everyone on new movie BLADE TRINITY, because he spent the entire shoot in-character. Snipes, who reprises his role as vampire-slayer BLADE in the second action sequel, is a method actor and...

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Reynolds Disliked Working With Snipes

16th November 2004

VAN WILDER star RYAN REYNOLDS will think twice before he signs up to appear alongside WESLEY SNIPES for a movie after finding the method actor tough to work with on the set of BLADE: TRINITY....

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Wesley Pulls Out Of Press Duty

16th November 2004

WESLEY SNIPES has pulled out of all press duties for his third BLADE movie TRINITY. The moody actor was so insistent on not talking to the media about the movie, he signed up for...

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Lopez Cried, But Still Failed To Avoid Sex Scene

12th October 2004

JENNIFER LOPEZ once broke down in tears in front of director OLIVER STONE in an attempt to avoid having to film a raunchy sex scene. Lopez was terrified of shooting a love-making sequence, in...

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Lopez: 'Wesley Snipes Sex Scene Was Horrible'

8th October 2004

JENNIFER LOPEZ cringes when she thinks about her first sex scene in 1995 action movie MONEY TRAIN because she never wanted to get intimate on the big screen with co-star WESLEY SNIPES. The singer/actress...

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Cage's Sweat Problems

24th August 2004

Eccentric actor NICOLAS CAGE has the body odour of "distilled sweat of homeless people" according to former lover - adult actress JENNA JAMESON. The porn queen recalls how the OSCAR-winning actor smelt whilst...

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Schwarzenegger Replaced By Wrestler In Conan Film

30th May 2004

ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER is to be replaced by wrestling superstar TRIPLE H in the next CONAN epic. The wrestler - real name PAUL MICHAEL LEVESQUE - will take the title role in KING CONAN:...

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Snipes Accused Of Bad Behaviour On Blade Set

9th April 2004

Hollywood actor WESLEY SNIPES has been accused of bad behaviour on the set of his upcoming movie BLADE: TRINITY. The 41-year-old screen star is reprising his vampire role in the anticipated sequel - which...

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Rza To Score Next Blade Movie

1st March 2004

WU-TANG CLAN rapper RZA has signed up to score the upcoming movie BLADE: TRINITY. The C.R.E.A.M. star, real name ROBERT DIGGS, most recently scored the KILL BILL movies and has since expressed a desire...

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Wesley Snipes Named As Halle Berry Abuser

14th January 2004

Actor WESLEY SNIPES has been exposed as the abusive ex-lover of HALLE BERRY, who struck the actress so hard, she lost most of the hearing in her right ear. R+B singer CHRISTOPHER WILLIAMS -...

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Jessica Biel Joins Blade 3

27th August 2003

Movie beauty JESSICA BIEL has signed up to star alongside WESLEY SNIPES in vampire sequel BLADE: TRINITY. The RULES OF ATTRACTION star is set to play vampire huntress ABIGAIL, the daughter of KRIS KRISTOFFERSON's...

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Snipes: I'm A 'Stinky' Dj

13th June 2003

Hunky actor WESLEY SNIPES has no illusions about his abilities when it comes to his part-time job as a DJ - he describes his turntable skills as "stinky". The BLADE star enjoys spinning discs...

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Blade Writer To Direct Second Sequel

2nd June 2003

BLADE scribe DAVID GOYER has been given the opportunity to direct the third installment of the vampire franchise. ZIGZAG director Goyer is expected to helm the third movie, according to VARIETY magazine, which starts...

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Blade Star In More Financial Trouble

4th May 2003

BLADE star WESLEY SNIPES is in more financial trouble after upsetting one of Hollywood's biggest talent agencies. The movie star lost his Florida mansion last year (02) due to non-payment of his mortgage...

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Dirty Vegas Win Three Us Awards

23rd April 2003

British dance act DIRTY VEGAS have picked up three awards at the DanceStar USA Awards in Miami. The band, who have a huge following stateside despite failing to score success in Britain, won Best...

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Iraqis Get Patriotic

18th April 2003

Iraqi film fans are delving into American history to help them understand more about the United States. The top video store in Baghdad - Iraq's capital - reports regulars are flocking in to pick...

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Wesley Snipes. Secret Ceremony

25th March 2003

BLADE star WESLEY SNIPES has reportedly wed his longtime girlfriend NIKKI PARK is a secret New Jersey ceremony. According to local website NORTHNEWJERSEY.COM, the American actor wed Park, the mother of his two youngest...

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Wesley Snipes The Dj

23rd March 2003

Hollywood star WESLEY SNIPES has found a new career - as a drum 'n' bass DJ. The DEMOLITION MAN star last week (21MAR03) picked up a Best Celebrity DJ award at Miami, Florida's DANCESTAR...

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