A man from South Wales impressed beach-dwellers in Queensland, Australia by wrestling with a shark, to send it back into the sea, away from all the unsuspecting humans swimming at the beach. According to the Evening Standard, 62 year-old Mr Marshallsea grabbed the shark’s tail and tried to pull it away from holidaymakers making the most of the sunshine. Luckily for the British tourist, the ‘dusky whaler’ shark in question was not quite on the same scale as the fictional creature that terrorised the waters in Jaws, but more of a manageable size. That’s not say there wasn’t a threat of bloodshed though.

A local news crew captured the incident on camera and the footage was aired on Sky News, showing the man guiding the shark away from shallow waters. At one point, things looked a little hairy for Mr Marshallsea, as the shark thrashed around in the water, trying to get himself free and ended up snapping at the man’s leg. “It just missed me with a bite, which was a fraction away from my leg. A shark that one minute ago was so docile now just nearly took my leg off."

According to the news report, the shark stayed in the area for a little while longer, before it eventually swam back out to sea.