Is BBC Breakfast moving back to London? The BBC have denied suggestions that part of the show’s operations will be returning to the capital. Rumour has it that the show is struggling to attract high-profile guests, since it moved to Salford, near Manchester, earlier this year. BBC News, however, reveal that there “are no plans to move any part” of BBC Breakfast back down South and insists “on the contrary, the show is working very well from Salford.”

In response to reports insinuating that the “light news” section could be transferred back to London, the statement continued “we’re delighted with the calibre of guests and experts regularly appearing on the programme.” A report from the Daily Mail, quoting an insider at the BBC said that it’s unlikely that a return to London would happen so soon, because BBC bosses would not want to lose face, as much as anything else. “I would be surprised if they move [part of it back to London]. It does not look good after such a short amount of time of it being up there,” said the source. “It is a crucial part of the schedule so it’s important it works. The celebs are not brilliant and it doesn’t feel quite right.”

BBC Breakfast was relocated to Salford’s Media City in April 2012. The decision to move was made based on the BBC’s intentions to better reflect the UK as a whole. Several other departments also made the move, including 5 Live, Newsround, BBC Sport and Blue Peter.