The trailer for Dead Europe is a broody, murky affair. Directed by Tony Krawitz and coming out of Australia, the film explores the country’s Greek heritage, with Ewen Leslie playing Isaac, a man who is out in the European country to scatter the ashes of his father.

Things, as they tend to do in films, take a turn towards the dis-equilibrium as Isaac learns of a terrible curse that affects his family. “I suppose a lot of us from Australia feel like we’re from somewhere else” Isaac mentions at one point; this links to the way that pretty much all whiter Australians have European heritage, however the sentence takes on a darker meaning as he discovers that his father’s curse has come about due to some rather grim circumstances involving “innocent blood … spilled”. What follows would appear your typical creepy-undead-child-following-the-protagonist-around sort of scenario with Isaac being stalked by a rather pallid looking young chap.

The film scored a middling 67% aggregate on reviews site Rotten Tomatoes, with the glut of them coming out in December. “A promising drama of alienation that slides into portentousness” wrote the Daily Telegraph, while our own reviewer Rich Cline wrote “Even if the plot takes too long to come together, this film has a darkly foreboding tone that's thoroughly mesmerising, drawing us into its mysteries while touching on issues of race, religion and sexuality.”

'Dead Europe' Trailer