Was Whitney Houston's Death Caused By Xanax Prescription Drug?

Although the cause of Whitney Houston's death has not been confirmed, investigators are known to be looking into the presence of a combination of alcohol and prescription drugs found in her hotel room at the time of her death. An article from USA Today yesterday (February 20, 2012) explained the problems associated with mixing prescription drugs, such as those found in Whitney's room, with alcohol.

Whitney Houston has suffered in the past from widely publicised addictions to illegal drugs, famously denying her crack addiction in a TV interview with the phrase "crack is whack." But it appears that it was, in fact, a combination of prescribed drugs and alcohol - both perfectly legal - that may have caused her untimely death at the age of 48. The medication that was known to have been found in Houston's Beverley Hills hotel room was Xanax; a well-known anti-anxiety drug that, although legal and available on prescription, can be highly addictive. According to the report, around 373, 000 overdoses per year in the USA are caused by prescription drugs such as Xanax, Oxycontin and Vicodin.

One of the problems appears to be a lack of prescription monitoring. Similar to reports that emerged after Michael Jackson's death, it may be a possibility that Whitney Houston had more than one doctor prescribing her meds, resulting in her having a larger number of doses available to her than is safe. The report calls for further investigation into the problems associated with addictive prescription drugs.


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Why is it so damn HARD for these ppl to wait on the EXACT CAUSE OF DEATH???? From the minute they knew she had died their automatic assumptions started and all the news outlet couldn't hold back with all of these so called experts on DRUGS EVERYTHING. They figure they can say (WE DON'T HAVE TO COMPLETE FACTS YET) AND THAT MAKES IT OK. WELL, IT'S NOT OK! THESE PPL HAVE BROADCAST EVERYTHING MATCHING THE NAME WHITNEY HOUSTON=DRUG ADDICTION AND ASSUME NOBODY IS LISTENING BECAUSE THEY ARE WAITING FOR THE RESULTS. THEY HAVE DONE JUST WHAT THESE POLITICIANS HAVE BEEN DOING PUTTING A STORY OUT TO THE MASSES ON PURPOSE, JUST AS THEY WANT THE PUBLIC TO HEAR IT (COVERING THEIR A$$E$ AS THEY GO ALONG JUST IN CASE THEY ARE WRONG) AND ASSUMING THAT EVERYONE WHO HAS BEEN LISTENING TO THEIR POSSIBLE STORIES WILL BE RIGHT THERE LISTENING TO THEM IF THEY HAVE TO RESIND THEIR ORIGINAL STORY. The networks need to stop doing this to not only famous ppl but to everybody. If you don't have the facts correct then stop putting out crap until you find out. If it is found that Whitney had a heart attack well they have for over a week told the public that her death is "probably drug related" since she had a past with this problem. WAIT FOR THE DAMN RESULTS AND STOP CRUCIFYING HER AND OTHERS!! THAT IS IF TELLING THE FACTS AND THE TRUTH IS WHAT YOU AND YOUR NETWORKS REALLY ARE ABOUT.THANKS TO LAWRENCE O'DONNELL, SIR YOU HAVE CLASS!!
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bs from the rags xanax doesnt cause dea th.nor do riduciolous fallacios articles in the rags
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