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Porn Stars Dish Dirt On Celebrity Admirers

8th February 2005

TONY CURTIS and WARREN BEATTY enjoyed numerous flings with porn stars, according to a new book which exposes the secrets of America's sex trade. In LEGS McNEIL's THE OTHER HOLLYWOOD: THE UNCENSORED ORAL HISTORY...

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Elton Keeps Quiet For Bush

6th December 2004

Outspoken singer SIR ELTON JOHN has met US President GEORGE W BUSH at a presidential reception in Washington DC - just weeks after branding the premier "the worst thing that ever happened to America"....

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Beatty And John Honoured In America

6th December 2004

SIR ELTON JOHN and WARREN BEATTY have been honoured for their lifetime contributions to American culture. The legendary entertainers were recipients of the 27th Annual Kennedy Centre Honours at a ceremony presented by President...

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Bening: 'Spacey Is Unusual'

19th November 2004

Hollywood star ANNETTE BENING has praised her AMERICAN BEAUTY co-star KEVIN SPACEY for his professionalism, but claims she found him "unusual". The wife of WARREN BEATTY is currently promoting her new film BEING JULIA...

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Bening Ignored Beatty's Womanising

18th November 2004

AMERICAN BEAUTY star ANNETTE BENING was unfazed the first time she met her husband WARREN BEATTY, despite his reputation as a legendary womaniser. Bening and Beatty fell in love on the set of 1991's...

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Bening: I Didn't Tame Beatty

7th November 2004

AMERICAN PIE star ANNETTE BENING has slammed claims she tamed her actor husband WARREN BEATTY. The couple first met in a Los Angeles restaurant in 1991 to discuss the film BUGSY, and Bening not...

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Bening Has Doubts About Beatty's Political Future

27th October 2004

ANNETTE BENING doubts her husband WARREN BEATTY will ever give up acting to vie for a role as President of America - because he loves making movies too much. After the release of his...

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Bening: 'Beatty For President'

21st October 2004

OSCAR-nominated actress ANNETTE BENING has put forward her acting legend husband WARREN BEATTY as a perfect US presidential candidate. The AMERICAN BEAUTY star tells American magazine MORE her spouse of 12 years would be...

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Moore And Kutcher's Romance Beats The Odds In New Poll

15th October 2004

DEMI MOORE and ASHTON KUTCHER's unlikely romance has led to them being dubbed the top Hollywood couple that beat the odds. Moore, 41, and 26-year-old Kutcher sparked a slew of headlines when they started...

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Brando's Ashes Scattered

22nd September 2004

Movie legend MARLON BRANDO's ashes have been scattered in Death Valley and his home in Tahiti, according to reports. According to newspaper the LOS ANGELES TIMES, a memorial service for the GODFATHER OSCAR...

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Beatty Takes Over Brando's Honorary Chairman Post

21st September 2004

WARREN BEATTY has taken over late actor MARLON BRANDO's long-held position as honorary chairman of the STELLA ADLER SCHOOL OF ACTING. Beatty's first job will be to oversee the 8 November (04) STELLA BY...

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Beatty And Elton Up For Kennedy Center Honours

16th September 2004

Actor WARREN BEATTY and pop star SIR ELTON JOHN will be among six entertainers chosen to receive the annual KENNEDY CENTER HONOURS this year (04). Others on the recipient list include OSSIE DAVIS and...

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Young Slams Lecherous Beatty

21st July 2004

Actress SEAN YOUNG claims she was forced out of her role in 1990 film DICK TRACY - after rebuffing the advances of leading man WARREN BEATTY. The WALL STREET beauty, 44, was cast in...

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Hawke: I'm Fake In Interviews

23rd June 2004

Hollywood star ETHAN HAWKE admits he is "fake" in interviews and is desperate to follow his movie idols' examples by boycotting the promotion of films. The TAKING LIVES actor, 33, admires veteran actors like...

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Madonna Regrets Her Chaotic Romances

21st June 2004

MADONNA is upset to think her past actions and broken romances have left others in pain and dealing with chaos in their lives. Now happily married to British movie maker GUY RITCHIE, the pop...

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Stallone's Ex Rates Pavarotti's Kissing Skills

7th May 2004

Italian opera star LUCIANO PAVAROTTI has been rated as an excellent singer by former supermodel JANICE DICKINSON. Dickinson, who was once engaged to SYLVESTER STALLONE, was left thoroughly impressed by her passionate embrace with...

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Tarantino Promises Beatty Part In New Film

20th April 2004

WARREN BEATTY was on the brink of starring in KILL BILL before QUENTIN TARANTINO changed his mind - but the maverick director has promised the star a part in his next film. The PULP...

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Kutcher Pays Tribute To His Favourite Womanisers

13th April 2004

Hollywood actor ASHTON KUTCHER has heralded JACK NICHOLSON, WARREN BEATTY and MARLON BRANDO as the greatest womanisers of all time. THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT star, 26, who is dating 41-year-old actress DEMI MOORE, warns aspiring...

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Keaton: Nicholson Made Up Romance To Sell Our Film

9th February 2004

Movie legend JACK NICHOLSON invented a real-life romance with co-star DIANE KEATON to sell their latest film SOMETHING'S GOTTA GIVE, according to Keaton herself. The veteran actors - who first worked together on WARREN...

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Kate's Happy Birthday Surprise

5th January 2004

Heavily-pregnant KATE HUDSON made sure her rocker husband CHRIS ROBINSON's 37th birthday was a big hit by taking over mum GOLDIE HAWN's sprawling Los Angeles home and inviting a few celebrity friends. WARREN BEATTY,...

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Beatty Remembers Hepburn

19th December 2003

WARREN BEATTY has written a final farewell to his acting heroine KATHERINE HEPBURN, urging wannabe biographers to let the screen icon rest in peace. Writing in America's ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY magazine, Beatty admits he idolised...

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Cage Gets A New Four-legged Friend

18th December 2003

Hollywood actor NICOLAS CAGE's 40th birthday party took an unconventional twist on Saturday (13DEC03) - when his grandmother waltzed in with a pony. The ADAPTATION star won't actually turn 40 until January (04), but...

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Nicholson And Keaton To Wed?

14th December 2003

Hollywood veterans JACK NICHOLSON and DIANE KEATON are reportedly planning to wed. The SOMETHING'S GOT TO GIVE co-stars fell in love after working together on the comedy drama and pals say it is only...

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Ralph Fiennes + Uma Thurman Voted Worst Double Act

1st December 2003

THE AVENGERS stars RALPH FIENNES and UMA THURMAN have been voted the worst movie double act of all time, by critics at a British film magazine. The pair were universally panned when they appeared...

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Stars Unite For Afghanistan

8th October 2003

TOM CRUISE, AL PACINO and ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER are among a long list of stars taking part in a huge fundraising effort on behalf of the AFGHANISTAN WORLD FOUNDATION. The stars - who have been...

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Kelsey Supports New Governor Favourite Arnie

29th September 2003

KELSEY GRAMMER is helping ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER boost his Hollywood following as he runs for California Governor by staging a star-studded fundraiser for the action man. The TERMINATOR star is currently ahead of fellow candidates...

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$55,000 Paid For You're So Vain Identity

6th August 2003

Singer-songwriter CARLY SIMON has raised more than $55,000 (GBP34,000) to reveal the subject of her hit song YOU'RE SO VAIN. American TV sports boss DICK EBERSOL paid the sum at a charity auction in...

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Carly Simon To Announce Who's Vain

1st August 2003

Legendary singer CARLY SIMON is set to finally disclose who inspired her hit song YOU'RE SO VAIN - but only to one wealthy fan. The 58-year-old will reveal one of the enduring secrets in...

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Annette Bening's Toyboy Affair

13th May 2003

Hollywood actress ANNETTE BENING is in need of a toyboy. The screen beauty, married to actor WARREN BEATTY, is set to step before cameras on 10 June (03) in London for the feature adaptation...

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