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Liam Neeson And Gary Barlow To Appear On Updated War Of Worlds Record

18th September 2012

Liam Neeson, Joss Stone and Gary Barlow are set to appear on an updated version of Jeff Wayne's 1978 album War Of The Worlds.David Essex, Justin Hayward and Phil Lynott appeared on the composer's rock...

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Jason Donovan's War Of The Worlds Role

3rd May 2012

Jason Donovan will return to 'The War Of The World...The New Generation!' musical in a new role.The 43-year-old singer and actor - who previously starred as The Artilleryman - will return as Parson Nathaniel, the...

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Ricky Wilson Joins War Of The Worlds Tour

1st March 2012

Kaiser Chiefs' Ricky Wilson will star in Jeff Wayne's Musical Version of 'The War of the Worlds - The New Generation'.The singer will take on the role of The Artilleryman originally played by David Essex...

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Ricky Wilson Takes To The Stage In War Of The Worlds Revamp

1st March 2012

Ricky Wilson will make his stage debut in a new production of Jeff Wayne's The War of the Worlds, which is set to tour the UK and Europe towards the end of 2012 and into...

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Steven Spielberg's Darker Movies

14th January 2012

Steven Spielberg admits his films became "darker" after September 11.The 'War House' director says he was changed by the terrorist attacks in New York and Washington in 2001 and that has come across in his...

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Liam Neeson's War Of The Worlds Role

21st November 2011

Liam Neeson is to appear as a hologram in the stage version of 'War of the Worlds'.The 'Schindler's List' actor will be shows as a full body hologram narrating the musical, which will be staged...

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Elle Fanning Misses Dakota's Clothes

14th November 2011

Elle Fanning misses being able to steal her sister Dakota's clothes.The 'Super 8' actress admits she doesn't always get along with her 17-year-old sibling, but misses her, and her closet full of designer outfits, now...

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Movie Reviews Battle Los Angeles

11th March 2011

Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times lets loose a verbal barrage against Battle Los Angeles that is far more unsparing than any digital-effects weapon the U.S. Marines employ against the alien invaders in the actual...

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'Burton' To Be Revived On Stage

3rd November 2010

Hollywood legend RICHARD BURTON is to reprise his role in a WAR OF THE WORLDS musical from beyond the grave - a hologram of the Welsh actor will be used in an upcoming stage production.Burton...

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Dakota Fanning Needs To Grow

18th March 2010

Dakota Fanning wants to grow up.The 16-year-old actress, who plays rocker Cherie Currie from the in new biopic 'The Runaways', admits she wants to do more hard-hitting roles because it is difficult shaking off her...

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Veteran Tv Star Gene Barry Dead At 90

11th December 2009

Gene Barry, who starred in three hit TV series, Bat Masterson, Burke's Law and The Name of Game, died Wednesday in Los Angeles at age 90, his son, Fredric James Barry, said Thursday. The cause...

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Elbow To Follow Mercury Winner With Children's Album

23rd September 2008

Elbow will follow their Mercury prize-winning album The Seldom Seen Kid with a collection of children's music and an accompanying film.The Mancunian quintet have seen their album sales skyrocket since beating the competition of the...

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Blaze Destroys Movie Sets At Universal Studios

1st June 2008

A fire has broken out at Universal Studios in Los Angeles, California with many sets already thought to be destroyed. The blaze started on a sound stage before dawn and quickly spread, according to reports....

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Howell Takes Over War Of The Worlds From Cruise

28th March 2008

C. THOMAS HOWELL is to take over the WAR OF THE WORLDS movie franchise from his one-time co-star TOM CRUISE. Howell, who teamed up with Cruise in 1983's The Outsiders, will direct and star in...

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Dakota Fanning Leaves My Sister's Keeper

13th February 2008

Child star DAKOTA FANNING and her sister Elle have withdrawn from the upcoming movie MY SISTERS KEEPER.The WAR OF THE WORLDS star has reportedly left the Nick Cassavetes project because she is unwilling to shave...

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Spielberg Denies Report He Was Fired By Redstone

12th December 2007

A spokesman for Steven Spielberg has denied a report appearing in the online edition of Radar magazine that Steven Spielberg is leaving DreamWorks. The magazine quoted "sources deep inside Viacom" as saying that Viacom chief...

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Transformers Beats Spiderman's Record

6th July 2007

DreamWorks and Paramount's Transformers, has broken US box office records on what was expected to be a difficult July 4th weekend.The action extravaganza which sees two groups of morphing robots, the Autobots and Decepticons, slug...

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Cruise Signs Up For Hitler Movie

21st March 2007

Hollywood star TOM CRUISE has confirmed he is to star in a film about an attempted assassination plot on former Nazi leader ADOLF HITLER. The WAR OF THE WORLDS star was offered the part by...

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Fanning: 'My Parents Didn't Want Me To Keep Cruise Gift'

7th February 2007

DAKOTA FANNING had to work hard to persuade her parents she should keep a controversial birthday present from TOM CRUISE. The 12-year-old was sent a mobile phone by her WAR OF THE WORLDS co-star, but...

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Alba And Cruise To Team Up?

23rd January 2007

Fantastic Four actress Jessica Alba will be starring in a new horror movie produced by Tom Cruise.The Eye will be a Hollywood remake of the 2002 Hong Kong film, Jian Gui, were Allison, to be...

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Koepp Could Be Caught In Spider-man 4'S Web

22nd January 2007

SPIDER-MAN screenwriter DAVID KOEPP could be returning to the franchise after handing over the reins to ALVIN SARGENT for parts two and three.One of Hollywood's most sought-after screenwriters, Koepp left the franchise after the first...

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Koepp Keeps Indiana Jones Alive

2nd January 2007

Screenwriter David Koepp (Spider-Man, Jurassic Park, War of the Worlds) has succeeded in pulling off what several other top screenwriters had failed at: provide an Indiana Jones sequel that would satisfy the three principals --...

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Dakota Can't Wait For Her Christmas Pyjamas

22nd December 2006

DAKOTA FANNING can't wait for Christmas Eve (24DEC06) because she loves finding out what her festive pyjamas will look like. The little WAR OF THE WORLDS star and her entire family exchange nightwear and ornament...

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Fascinating Fact 2597

14th December 2006

WAR OF THE WORLDS star DAKOTA FANNING, 12, will headline designer Marc Jacobs' spring 2007 advertising campaign....

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Fanning's Directing Dreams

11th December 2006

DAKOTA FANNING hopes to become a director when she grows up, after mastering a successful acting career as a pre-teen. The 12-year-old WAR OF THE WORLDS star admits she has closely studied the methods of...

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Psycho House To Make Way For New Homes

8th December 2006

The house made famous by ALFRED HITCHCOCK's classic thriller PSYCHO is to be moved to make way for thousands of new homes as part of Universal Studios' redevelopment programme. The property, where JANET LEIGH's character...

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Dakota's Director Defends Herself Against Sex Scene Reports

8th December 2006

The director of WAR OF THE WORLDS star DAKOTA FANNING's new movie HOUNDDOG is defending himself against allegations he exploited the actress in a controversial sex scene. Authorities in North Carolina investigated moviemaker DEBORAH KAMPMEIER...

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Fanning Forgoes Pork After Pig Film

8th December 2006

WAR OF THE WORLDS star DAKOTA FANNING refuses to eat pork after starring in the classic children's tale CHARLOTTE'S WEB. The 12-year-old actress became attached to her cuddly co-stars while filming the movie in Australia...

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Robbins Has High Praise For Cruise

6th November 2006

TOM CRUISE has won high praise from his WAR OF THE WORLDS co-star TIM ROBBINS, who thinks the new United Artists studio boss is among the most professional and positive people in the business. While...

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Will Gop Have A Cow Over Simpsons Episode?

24th October 2006

An episode of Fox's The Simpsons scheduled to air two days before next month's midterm elections has stirred up a political flap. As reported by the online Radar magazine, the episode, titled "The Day the...

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