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"[3d] Doesn't Work With Our Brains"

25th January 2011

Chicago Sun-Times film critic Roger Ebert has made public a letter he has received from multiple-Oscar-winning film editor Walter Murch in which Murch predicts that moviegoers will reject 3D movies, as they have in the...

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Thornton Welcomed Into Lover's Family

7th May 2004

The family of BILLY BOB THORNTON's pregnant girlfriend CONNIE ANGLAND have welcomed the eccentric actor with open arms. The five-times married MONSTER'S BALL star, 48, recently announced his 39-year-old belle is expecting their first...

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Minghella To Host Berlin Film-making Camp

12th January 2004

THE ENGLISH PATIENT director ANTHONY MINGHELLA has signed on to act as one of the hosts of a film-making training camp in Germany next month (FEB04). Minghella will take part in the BERLINALE TALENT...

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