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Pat O'brien To Spoof His Old Job On Adult Swim

5th July 2013

Pat O'Brien, the former host of the syndicated tabloid show Access Hollywood until he was caught up in a scandal, has agreed to appear on an Adult Swim series, Hot Package, that will spoof those...

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Schism Grows Between Obama And Press

30th May 2013

Things may not look so dire for Barack Obama as they did for Lyndon Johnson when Walter Cronkite spoke out against the Vietnam War and it was said that the president had lost the press...

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Cbs News "We Invented Original Reporting"

12th August 2011

It's almost enough to raise the ghosts of David Brinkley and Peter Jennings from their graves -- a new 30-second promo airing on CBS that ends with an announcer remarking, "It's not like we invented...

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Pelley Says He Has Never Anchored A Newscast

23rd May 2011

CBS could be repeating with Scott Pelley the same mistake it made with Katie Couric -- failing to recognize that a television anchor is principally a performer (or a "presenter" as he or she is...

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Couric's Departure Goes Unreported By Cbs

27th April 2011

Viewers of the CBS Evening News Tuesday night would not have learned that Katie Couric will be stepping down as anchor of the nightly newscast at the end of next month. They would have heard...

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Bristol Palin's College Plans

29th December 2010

Bristol Palin will be treated like any other student if she applies to Arizona State University. The 20-year-old 'Dancing with the Stars' contestant is reportedly considering the university - which has a strong communications programme...

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No Lost Love Among Ex-cnn'ers For Klein

28th September 2010

Former CNN staffers and on-air personalities are shedding few tears publicly over the firing of Jon Klein as U.S. president of the cable news network. Miles O'Brien, who had once co-anchored American Morning with Soledad...

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Andy Rooney "I Will Work Until I Drop"

22nd June 2010

His longtime buddy Walter Cronkite may have been forced to retire in 1981 because of a CBS mandatory retirement policy at the time for persons reaching 65, but at the age of 91, Andy Rooney...

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Adams And Labelle Join John Charity Concert

18th April 2005

BRYAN ADAMS and PATTI LaBELLE have been invited to join SIR ELTON JOHN at the British rocker's 4 July (05) Independence Day celebrations in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Kind-hearted John has agreed to stage the PHILADELPHIA...

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