Former KATRINA & THE WAVES singer KATRINA LESKANICH was hiding a dark secret when her summer anthem WALKING ON SUNSHINE was an international smash hit - she was struggling to cope with her sister's suicide.
The pop star put on a brave face to perform on countless TV shows around the world, but her smiles masked heartbreak.
Leskanich has now opened up about the tragedy, which overshadowed her 1980s pop success, after signing on as a celebrity spokesmodel for the Samaritans and supporter of Glenn Close's Bring Change 2 Mind charity.
The pop star doesn't say she turned to the Samaritans for help - but she thinks the two charities she now supports could have saved her sister, Holly.
And she's particularly fond of actress Close's foundation because it helps raise funds for and awareness about people with mental illness.
She says, "When I first heard of this charity it resonated with me; when I was celebrating the success of a very happy song, Walking On Sunshine, I was dealing with the pain of the suicide of my sister as a result of her long struggle with mental illness.
"So it's really important to me that charities like Samaritans and BC2M are able to reach out to the people who need them."
In her first major project, which brings the two charities together, Leskanich is offering to perform in the living rooms of fans who pledge to to the groups.