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Religious Group Blames The Da Vinci Code For 'Defamatory' Bbc Portrayal

24th January 2007

Religious group Opus Dei has slammed the depiction of the controversial Catholic organisation in a new BBC TV drama series, blaming DAN BROWN's blockbuster novel THE DA VINCI CODE for inspiring the "defamatory" portrayal. Opus...

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Fitzgerald And Kelty Split

15th January 2007

British actress TARA FITZGERALD has reportedly split from her boyfriend KELTY CASTON. The SIRENS star, who recently joined the BBC crime drama WAKING THE DEAD, had a two-year relationship with Caston, but the two are...

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UK Sweep At Global Emmy Awards

23rd November 2004

British TV shows dominated at the INTERNATIONAL EMMY AWARDS in New York last night (22NOV04), winning six out of seven awards. Brit TV network CHANNEL 4 won prizes for documentary THE BOY WHO'S SKIN...

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