The voice actor, whom many an 80s kid know as the voice of Charlie Brown in the popular “Peanuts” cartoons and comic strips, has been sentenced to rehab and counseling for stalking his ex –girlfriend and threatening her plastic surgeon. The actor pleaded guilty on all charges and, during his final trial, read out a letter, apologizing for his behaviour.

Peter Robbins, Cinderella Pantomime
Since Peanuts, Robbins has gone on to do more work in children's entertainment, like the pantomime Cinderella.

 It looks like Robins got off easy in the end – the charges could have landed him in jail for three years. Instead, he has been ordered by the court to attend at least eight months of rehab and will be on probation for the next five years, according to E!Online. He was also ordered to pay $15,081.90 in restitution to the doctor and abide by a 10-year order of protection to stay away from his ex. There were definitely lots of clauses to that bargain, but still – anything is better than more jail time. That is, if Robbins can keep to the terms of his probation. The judge acknowledged Robbins’s credit for 110 days already served in jail, and gave him another 110 credits for good behavior, along with some sound advice: “Don’t be a blockhead.”

And there you have it folks – another childhood favorite, forever ruined. If you’re old enough to remember Charlie Brown in the first place, that is.