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Emma Stone A 'Nobody' Before The Help

6th October 2011

Emma Stone was "nobody" when she signed up to star in 'The Help'. The 22-year-old actress - who plays a journalist fighting for the rights of black maids in the 60's US deep south in...

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Fascinating Fact 12143

28th September 2011

Jennifer Aniston, Michelle Pfeiffer, Viola Davis, Naomi Watts and Evan Rachel Wood will be among the stars honoured at Elle magazine's annual Women in Hollywood gala at the Four Seasons hotel in Los Angeles on...

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Viola Davis Made Up Tom Cruise Tale To Sell Oscars Dress

12th August 2011

Viola Davis made up a lie about Tom Cruise stepping on the designer dress she wore to the 2009 Academy Awards in a bid to boost bids for the item in an online auction.The Doubt...

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Emma Stone Wows In Chanel At 'The Help' Premiere

11th August 2011

Emma Stone unsurprisingly stole the show at Tuesday's premiere for 'The Help' in Los Angeles. The 22-year-old, quickly becoming one of the most sought-after actresses in Hollywood, donned a pale grey Chanel dress from the...

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Doubt's Davis To Adopt

10th August 2011

Doubt star Viola Davis is adopting a baby boy.The Oscar nominee's husband, actor Julius Tennon, let the baby news slip on the red carpet at the premiere of Davis' new movie The Help on Tuesday...

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Movie Reviews The Help

10th August 2011

For a film with such a charged subject matter -- how African-American maids living in Mississippi during the 1960s viewed their employers -- it seems odd that many critics focus their attention not on the...

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Emma Stone Plays Down Oscar Talks For 'The Help'

10th August 2011

'The Help' star Emma Stone has played down the film's chances of winning an Oscar.The 22-year-old actress - who stars alongside Bryce Dallas Howard, Viola Davis, Octavia Spencer, Mike Vogel and Allison Janney in the...

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Viola Davis' Weight Gain Wasn't Enough For The Help

5th August 2011

Actress Viola Davis piled on 25 pounds (11.34 kilograms) for her role as a middle-aged maid in new movie The Help - but still had to wear body pads to appear thicker than she was.The...

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Viola Davis Troubled By Black Maid Role In The Help

11th July 2011

Actress Viola Davis struggled with her decision to play a black maid in segregated 1960s Mississippi in new film The Help - because she wasn't sure it was a role she wanted to play.The Doubt...

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Allison Janney Gets 'The Help'

15th July 2010

Emmy award winning actress ALLISON JANNEY who is most famously known for her roles as C.J. in The West Wing, Brenda MACGuff in the critically acclaimed movie Juno or more recently a pivotal part in...

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Washington And Davis Take Top Broadway Critics' Honours

17th May 2010

DENZEL WASHINGTON and VIOLA DAVIS have been lauded for their performances in new Broadway play FENCES after taking the top acting honours at the Outer Critics Circle Awards.The stars proved they are a force to...

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Davis Takes Aim At Young Hollywood

15th March 2010

VIOLA DAVIS has taken aim at young Hollywood stars seduced by fame and glamour, insisting they don't take their acting career seriously.The Tony Award winner, 44, is tired of troubled actors gloating about their success,...

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Doubt Stars Cut Through Tense Scenes With Cooking Chats

20th April 2009

DOUBT stars MERYL STREEP and VIOLA DAVIS found a little light relief in between takes of their harrowing scenes in the film by talking about bad feet and food. Streep's stern nun character had to break...

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The Things They Say 11367

23rd February 2009

"I can't deal with actors. I can't deal with myself. We're neurotic and miserable... I love doing what I'm doing, but while I'm doing it, I'm miserable." Oscar nominee VIOLA DAVIS....

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The Things They Say 11363

23rd February 2009

"It was freezing, all day rain. Day one, we shot 12 hours, over and over, dozens of times. Then we had to come back and do it all over another day. I had a running...

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Davis Desperate To Shed Weight Before Oscars

18th February 2009

Actress VIOLA DAVIS is desperate to lose weight before Sunday's (22Feb09) Academy Awards, because she was so "stressed" starring opposite MERYL STREEP in new movie DOUBT, she piled on an extra 20 pounds (9.1 kilograms). Davis...

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The Things They Say 11050

4th February 2009

"It was not pleasant to have boogers running down my nose in front of MERYL STREEP. But I figured that if I could affect her character then let the boogers spill!" VIOLA DAVIS on the...

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Davis Vowed To Stomp Out Oprah For Doubt Role

26th January 2009

Actress VIOLA DAVIS was determined not to let OPRAH WINFREY intimidate her run for her Oscar-nominated role in DOUBT - insisting she would've battled it out with the TV queen who lobbied for the part. The...

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Davis Wants To Look Cute At The Oscars

25th January 2009

Oscar nominee VIOLA DAVIS is desperate to look "cute" on the red carpet at the Academy Awards - because she always dresses down in film roles. The pretty actress, who plays a desperate mum in...

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Winfrey Missed Out On Doubt

14th January 2009

OPRAH WINFREY missed out on a role in DOUBT when director JOHN PATRICK SHANLEY chose VIOLA DAVIS over her. Winfrey revealed the news while chatting to the film's star Meryl Streep on her U.S. talk...

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Generous Clooney Makes Co-star's Honeymoon Extra Special

18th November 2005

Actress VIOLA DAVIS has discovered working with GEORGE CLOONEY has its perks - he gave her the keys to his Italian villa on the banks of Lake Como as a wedding gift. Davis announced...

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Clooney Gives Co-star Lavish Honeymoon Gift

23rd November 2004

Hollywood hunk GEORGE CLOONEY gave one of his co-stars the ultimate wedding gift, when he treated her to a free stay at his Italian villa. VIOLA DAVIS, who worked with Clooney on SOLARIS and...

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