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Sean Harris To Play Mission Impossible Villain?

8th September 2014

Sean Harris has entered into negotiations to play the villain in 'Mission: Impossible 5'.According to Deadline, the 'Prometheus' actor has been offered the lead role by Paramount studios and Skydance Productions but is yet to...

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Ving Rhames Returns For New Mission: Impossible

18th August 2014

Ving Rhames is to return for the next 'Mission: Impossible' movie.The highly-anticipated new flick, which is set to get underway in the UK later this year, will see Christopher McQuarrie assume directing duties and Rhames,...

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Vin Diesel Wants Ang Lee For Kojak

26th November 2013

Vin Diesel wants Ang Lee to direct him in 'Kojak'.The 'Fast & Furious' star is eager for the Oscar-winning 'Life of Pi' director to join his latest project, which is a remake of the classic...

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Leann Rimes And Eddie Cibrian Fell In Love On Set Of "Northern Lights," But At 40, What's Happened To His Career?

By Michael West | 3rd July 2013

When LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian fell in love on the set of Northern Lights, things were already looking a little bleak for the American actor. Here was a guy with the looks of a...

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Fascinating Fact: 3635340

30th April 2013

Veteran action men Dolph Lundgren and Ving Rhames are set to face off against each other in a new movie. The actors will lead the cast of writer/director Daniel Zirilli's Invincible.

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Vin Diesel To Star In Kojak Remake

18th December 2012

Vin Diesel is to star as the titular TV detective in a big screen reboot of 'Kojak'.The 45-year-old actor will portray the tough-talking New York Police Department cop - who was played by Telly Savalas...

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Gary Busey The Star Attraction In Perculiar Wife Swap

4th January 2012

As expected, American actor Gary Busey stole the show on Tuesday night's (January 3, 2012) premiere of Celebrity Wife Swap, wholeheartedly baffling his temporary wife Gayle Haggard with a series of cartoon voices and spurious...

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Can Demi Moore Rescue Her Career In 2012?

4th January 2012

At her peak in the late 1980s and early 1990s, Demi Moore's career seemed to be unstoppable. After appearing in a string of globally successful blockbuster movies from 1990's Ghost to 1994's Disclosure, Moore was...

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Rhames & Shue Promote Piranha 3d In Viral Comedy Skit

26th August 2010

VING RHAMES and ELISABETH SHUE have shot a hilarious new time-travelling ad for their disaster movie PIRANHA 3D, in which the actor receives an unlikely Oscar from his co-star for his role in the film.Pulp...

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Rhames Avoids Deep Sea`after Snorkeling Scare

16th August 2010

Movie tough guy VING RHAMES has been put off snorkeling for good after a close encounter with an unknown underwater creature.The Mission: Impossible star, who appears in new ocean horror Piranha 3D, reveals one trip...

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Fascinating Fact 9770

5th August 2010

Hulking PULP FICTION actor VING RHAMES had Latin star GEORGE LOPEZ running from the stage on the comedian's late night U.S. TV programme LOPEZ TONIGHT on Wednesday (04Aug10) - he arrived for his interview carrying...

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Rhames Sues Film-makers

20th February 2010

VING RHAMES is suing the producers of his latest movie, alleging they failed to pay him for his work on the project.Red Canvas writer/director Kenneth Chamitoff promised Rhames $200,000 (£125,000) for six days of work...

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Rhames Sued Over Tax Bill

28th November 2009

Actor VING RHAMES has been hit with a lawsuit from U.S. tax officials after allegedly running up debts of almost $500,000 (£312,500).The Pulp Fiction star and his wife, Deborah, are accused of failing to keep...

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Fascinating Fact 5196

18th April 2008

PULP FICTION star VING RHAMES is to play boxing legend SONNY LISTON in a hard-hitting new biopic, called PHANTOM PUNCH....

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Rhames Blasts Press For Inaccurate Caretaker Death Reports

17th April 2008

VING RHAMES has called on the press to issue a public apology to the family of his late caretaker JACOB ADAMS, after it was falsely claimed the employee had died as a result of an...

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Willis + Rhames To Reteam In Sci-fi Thriller

5th April 2008

PULP FICTION stars BRUCE WILLIS and VING RHAMES are to team up again in a new sci-fi thriller. The actors will join Radha Mitchell and Rosamund Pike in Disney film The Surrogates. Terminator 3: Rise...

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Rhames Dogs Not Responsible For Caretaker's Death

19th January 2008

VING RHAMES' caretaker died from a "pre-existing heart problem" when he was attacked by the actor's dogs in August (07). Jacob Adams, 40, was pronounced dead in front of Rhames' Brentwood, California home and was...

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Rhames Plans To Relocate Dogs To Canada

18th August 2007

LATEST: VING RHAMES is planning to relocate his dogs, who were recently reported to have mauled his caretaker to death, to a friend's estate in Canada - because keeping the animals in his care would...

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Rhames 'Stunned' By Caretaker's Death

18th August 2007

LATEST: Actor VING RHAMES was "stunned" when he read that his caretaker had been mauled to death by his dogs, because the employee had looked after the animals for years. Jacob Adams, 40, was pronounced...

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Rhames Clears Dogs Before Officials

14th August 2007

Actor VING RHAMES has spoken of his relief that his dogs were not responsible for the death of a caretaker at his California home earlier this month (Aug07) - even though police are still awaiting...

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Police Still Unsure How Rhames' Caretaker Died

9th August 2007

LATEST: Los Angeles Police are baffled as to what killed the caretaker who died at VING RHAMES' home after a dog attack last Friday (03Aug07). Jacob Adams, 40, was pronounced dead in front of Rhames'...

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Rhames' Dog Victim Named

5th August 2007

LATEST: The caretaker attacked by dogs reportedly belonging to VING RHAMES has been named as the actor's caretaker, Jacob Adams. The deceased man, 40, was pronounced dead on the scene in front of Rhames' Brentwood,...

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Actor's Dogs 'Kill Caretaker'

4th August 2007

Dogs owned by Mission Impossible actor Ving Rhames are suspected of having mauled a man to death, US police have revealed.Officers called to the Los Angeles home of the 46-year-old star yesterday found a man...

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Rhames' Dog Victim Suffered From Heart Attack

4th August 2007

LATEST: The caretaker attacked by dogs reportedly belonging to VING RHAMES died from a heart attack, police have claimed. The deceased man, who has yet to be named, was pronounced dead on the scene in...

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Rhames Caretaker Killed By Dogs

4th August 2007

Dogs reportedly belonging to PULP FICTION star VING RHAMES have attacked and killed a caretaker at the actor's Brentwood, California home. The deceased man, who has yet to be named, was pronounced dead on the...

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Cruise's Mission Falls Short Of Box Office Expectations

8th May 2006

TOM CRUISE's latest MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE movie has under-performed at the US box office, taking in $30 million (GBP17.1 million) less than experts predicted. The third movie in the all-action franchise still stormed to the top...

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Sexed-up Rhames Pokes Fun At Sofa-jumping Cruise

5th May 2006

Actor VING RHAMES poked fun at his MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE co-star TOM CRUISE on US TV this morning (05MAY06) when he jumped up and down on a sofa, declaring he'd had sex with his wife. The...

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The Things They Say 1885

21st April 2006

"He's a crazy white man." VING RHAMES on his MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE co-star TOM CRUISE's penchant for doing his own movie stunts.

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Rhames Attacks Gangs With Hard-hitting New Movie

8th October 2005

Movie star VING RHAMES has teamed up with former American footballer JIM BROWN to promote a new understanding between Los Angeles' street gangs the Bloods and the Crips. The PULP FICTION star befriended Brown...

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Cruise Saves Ving Rhames From Mission: Impossible Death

16th September 2005

TOM CRUISE insisted the ending of the first MISSION:IMPOSSIBLE was rewritten because he didn't like the idea of his pal VING RHAMES being killed off. Rhames has been Cruise's sidekick in both Mission: Impossible...

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