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Wide Right Slam Vincent Gallo

10th July 2003

Rockers WIDE RIGHT dislike cult movie actor and BUFFALO 66 director VINCENT GALLO so much, they have channeled their feelings into a song. The band - who hail from Buffalo, New York State -...

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Angry Gallo Attacks Critic

3rd June 2003

Sharp-tongued VINCENT GALLO has launched a scathing attack on "fat pig" movie critic ROGER EBERT - after the reviewer claimed the indie filmmaker apologised for making his widely slated flick BROWN BUNNY. The movie...

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Gallo's Honesty Punished

30th May 2003

Indie filmmaker VINCENT GALLO is crushed by the negative response to his new film BROWN BUNNY - because he's desperately trying to be honest. The BUFFALO 66 actor/director was stunned when his latest offering...

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Sevigny Defends Gallo

26th May 2003

LATEST: THE BROWN BUNNY star CHLOE SEVIGNY has come out in defence of ridiculed co-star VINCENT GALLO. Sevigny, who performs fellatio on the maverick filmmaker in an incredible ten minute scene in the film,...

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Gallo: I Will Never Make Another Film

23rd May 2003

Eccentric actor-turned filmmaker VINCENT GALLO has vowed never to make another film - after his latest effort THE BROWN BUNNY was slated by critics at THE CANNES FILM FESTIVAL. The BUFFALO 66 director was...

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Vincent Gallo Hired And Fired Winona Ryder

22nd May 2003

VINCENT GALLO has confessed he hired then fired controversial Hollywood star WINONA RYDER from his new movie - because of the publicity it would create. The actor-turned-director sacked both Ryder and SPIDER-MAN star KIRSTEN...

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Gallo Slams Sevigny

14th May 2003

Maverick film personality VINCENT GALLO has branded his latest co-star CHLOE SEVIGNY "boring". The eccentric actor/director made the comments on his own website in an essay written recently. Gallo, who co-stars with Sevigny...

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