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Yes Bassist Chris Squire Writing Autobiography

3rd April 2014

Yes bassist Chris Squire is writing his autobiography. The 66-year-old musician, who rose to fame in the progressive rock band in the late 1960s, has been working on his memoirs with actor friend Vincent Gallo...

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Vincent Gallo Sues L.a. City Officials

16th April 2012

Actor/director Vincent Gallo has filed a lawsuit against city officials in Los Angeles over allegations they have been squandering taxpayers' money.The Brown Bunny filmmaker claims the city-funded Arts District Business Improvement District (sic) organisation, which...

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'2 Days In New York', Starring Chris Rock, Heads To Sundance London

7th March 2012

Julie Delpy's forthcoming film '2 Days In New York' is among the first batch of names to have been revealed by Sundance London for the UK film event that acts as a spin-off from the...

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Hollywood Actor Ben Gazzara Dies, Aged 81

4th February 2012

The American actor Ben Gazzara has died of pancreatic cancer, aged 81. The actor's attorney told reporters that Gazarra passed away at a Manhattan hospital. He leaves behind his wife of 30 years, Elke and...

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Julie Delpy And Chris Rock Spend 'Two Days In New York'

26th January 2012

Nearly five years after the success of Two Days in Paris, Julie Delpy returns to the cinema screen with Two Days in New York. Apart from the obvious change in location, a major difference between...

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Gallo Denies Dating Sevigny During Brown Bunny

24th December 2010

VINCENT GALLO has finally blown the lid on his notorious oral sex scene with CHLOE SEVIGNY in THE BROWN BUNNY - insisting they were not in a real-life relationship at the time.The pair caused a...

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Gallo Wants Fake Twitter Accounts Shut Down

22nd November 2010

Actor/musician VINCENT GALLO is pleading with bosses at to remove accounts used by pranksters to pose as celebrities.The Brown Bunny filmmaker, who does not use Twitter, has had two pages set up by impersonators,...

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Val Kilmer Gets Twixt Now And Sunrise

26th October 2010

Val Kilmer is to play the lead role in Francis Ford Coppola's 'Twixt Now and Sunrise'. The 50-year-old actor - best known for his roles in 'Top Gun' and 'Alexander - will play the main...

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Lady Gaga Plays At Lennon Tribute

4th October 2010

Lady Gaga appeared onstage with Yoko Ono to pay tribute to John Lennon this weekend. The 'Poker Face' singer joined Yoko and a version of her and John's Plastic Ono band in Los Angeles where...

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Sofia Coppola's Somewhere Wins Top Prize At Venice

13th September 2010

Somewhere , Sofia Coppola's take on Hollywood celebrity, won the top Golden Lion award at the Venice Film Festival today (Saturday). The film stars Stephen Dorff as a Hollywood star, whose aimless, dissolute life is...

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Gallo Refused To Let Dad Dash Movie Hopes

8th June 2010

VINCENT GALLO defied his parents to pursue his love of acting after his father branded him a "retard" for dreaming of a movie career.The Brown Bunny filmmaker was just 16 years old when he was...

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Gallo Auctions Off Schnabel Portrait

12th April 2010

Actor/director VINCENT GALLO is auctioning off a portrait of himself sketched by American artist and filmmaker JULIAN SCHNABEL - with bids starting at $25,000 (GBP15,625).The artist drew portraits of Gallo and co-star Gary Oldman for...

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Coppola Was Warned Off Casting 'Fabulous' Gallo

9th June 2009

FRANCIS FORD COPPOLA defied the warnings of friends and Hollywood colleagues to cast eccentric VINCENT GALLO in his new film.Actor and filmmaker Gallo has been blacklisted by a number of filmmakers and actors after clashing...

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The Things They Say 8081

22nd April 2008

"Well, I mean, I don't have much to say. He's crazy, and he's an a**hole". CHRISTINA RICCI isn't fond of controversial moviemaker VINCENT GALLO, who directed the actress in 1998 film BUFFALO 66....

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Gallo Quit Boxing To Save His Face

12th February 2008

Actor VINCENT GALLO was a champion amateur boxer - but quit to save his face from the constant beatings. The 45-year-old claims he was too vain to let his looks get ruined so decided to...

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Gallo Plans Retirement To Escape Starring With Ex

7th February 2008

VINCENT GALLO is so desperate to quit new movie GIALLO after his ex-fiancee ASIA ARGENTO was cast alongside him, he's planning to retire. The controversial actor/director ended his relationship with Argento in the late 1990s...

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Gallo Attempts To Wake The Dead In Wacky New Project

14th January 2008

Eccentric actor/director VINCENT GALLO is planning his next bizarre movie - about a funeral director who tries to reincarnate the dead. Gallo has shocked Hollywood in the past with controversial movies Buffalo '66 and Brown...

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Erlandson And Gallo Form New Band

22nd November 2007

Guitarist ERIC ERLANDSON has teamed up with director VINCENT GALLO to form RRIICCEE - a unique band that will perform spontaneously with no prewritten music. The duo performed at the Fuji Rock Festival in Japan...

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Leigh Would Not Have Shied Away From Brown Bunny Controversy

19th November 2007

Actress JENNIFER JASON LEIGH would have performed fellatio on actor VINCENT GALLO if she'd agreed to take the role CHLOE SEVIGNY played in controversial movie THE BROWN BUNNY. Sevigny is reported to have actually performed...

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Gallo Slams Fake Penis Claims

14th September 2007

Film-maker VINCENT GALLO has hit out at a movie critic who suggested he used a fake penis for a controversial sex scene in his low budget film BROWN BUNNY. Gallo's co-star - and ex-girlfriend -...

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Ricci: 'Gallo Is A Crazy Lunatic'

18th May 2007

CHRISTINA RICCI has slammed Hollywood star VINCENT GALLO, branding him "a crazy lunatic man". The actress, who worked with the actor/director on his semi-autobiographical movie Buffalo 66 in 1998, admits she was shocked and upset...

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Sevigny Still Upset About Reaction To Brown Bunny Fellatio Scene

1st March 2007

Actress CHLOE SEVIGNY is still traumatised by her controversial fellatio scene opposite VINCENT GALLO in THE BROWN BUNNY - because everyone seems to have an opinion about it without seeing the film. The BOYS DON'T...

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Cox Ends Feud With Former Friend Gallo

27th February 2007

COURTENEY COX decided to mend her estranged relationship with former friend VINCENT GALLO because she thought he would be perfect for a part on her new show DIRT. The star had a falling out with...

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Gallo Laughs Off Underage Love

25th October 2006

Actor/director VINCENT GALLO has laughed off reports he's dating an underage girl insisting it's his "humanitarian duty" to befriend the sexy teen THE BROWN BUNNY star, 45, has been romantically linked to Los Angeles...

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Haas Plans Album Debut

23rd October 2006

WITNESS star LUKAS HAAS is set to follow his appearance in MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE's new video WELCOME TO THE BLACK PARADE by releasing his first album. The former child star plays a dying hospital patient...

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Fascinating Fact 1530

23rd May 2006

Quirky movie star VINCENT GALLO was the original choice to play UNCLE RICO is cult movie NAPOLEON DYNAMITE.

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Paxton And Sevigny Furious During Interview

10th March 2006

Actors BILL PAXTON and CHLOE SEVIGNY "went ballistic" on Wednesday (08MAR06) after the actress was asked about an explicit sex scene from a previous film on a daytime TV talk show. The two were appearing...

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Gallo's Bag Money Kept Rourke Off The Streets

26th February 2006

MICKEY ROURKE will forever be indebted to VINCENT GALLO, because the film-maker came to his aid when he most needed cash. Down-on-his-luck ANGEL HEART star Rourke was offered $100,000 (GBP58,800) for four hours work...

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Sevigny Hates Her Provocative Characters

26th February 2006

CHLOE SEVIGNY is often appalled by the sexy and sleazy characters she plays in movies like BOYS DON'T CRY, GUMMO, THE BROWN BUNNY and KIDS, but accepts it's her way of rebelling against her strict...

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Ebay Pulls Gallo 'Sex Offer'

9th February 2006

LATEST: An eBay auction offering a night with actor/director VINCENT GALLO has been withdrawn from the website, because it breaches their rules on selling sex. The vendor, claiming to be the 43-year-old BROWN BUNNY...

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