During the seemingly never-ending Guardians of the Galaxy press tour, Diesel took a moment out to sing a version of Smith's 'Stay With Me' during an interview with Capital FM. He's a little wobbly on the lyrics, but Diesel has a surprisingly good voice, and it's endlessly entertaining to see a Hollywood hard man taking on an emotional pop ballad. We're not entirely sure of the context that led to the performance, but the original artist was thrilled when he discovered that Diesel had covered his song.

 Vin Diesel
Superhero, Iron Giant, and not half bad at singing...can we go to karaoke with Vin Diesel please?

Speaking to Capital Breakfast Smith said "First of all I thought it was going to be good, but when I heard it it's the most hilarious thing I've heard in my life. It's amazing. Brilliant. The falsetto! It's so weird for me because i remember watching 'xXx' when I was like eleven years old! I definitely think we should do a duet one day, it would be amazing."

Well, if the acting work ever dries up, maybe we'll see Diesel topping the charts instead. This isn't the first time he's debuted his vocal talents; last year he recorded a video of himself singing along to Rihanna's 'Stay' as a present for his long-term girlfriend. Who knew that Vin Diesel was a big softie under all that muscle?

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